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Baskets full of Easter joy

Getting closer to the present day: Easter! Usually we spend the whole Easter weekend at bunny_hugger's parents. We didn't this time. Part of this was logistics: there was a pinball-mining day on Saturday that we didn't want to miss. Changes in the International Flipper Pinball Association rules for how to qualify have made it harder to get into state finals the way we've been doing, playing competently at a lot of steady events. We needed to play. (It did us some good, although not enough yet.)

And our foster rabbit weighed us down, some. We were mostly but not completely sure that she'd be all right if left unattended overnight. She seems to eat at a nice regular pace so if we left her with two days' food she probably wouldn't stuff herself and then starve. But we weren't sure. We might move her but taking her to a second unfamiliar space in the span of a couple weeks seemed possibly bad. So between all those factors we chose to let her be. And so we'd go to bunny_hugger's parents for Easter day, but not more than that.

We took the time to dye Easter eggs, enough that bunny_hugger and I have still not quite finished them yet. We're getting there. Also for once we thought to take pictures of the Paas dye eggs before we dissolved them, so that we'll hopefully be better able to tell which tablets correspond to which colors. I'm figuring to put that up on one of my WordPress blogs, in fact, so that I have that as a reference for needy, confused people in the future, ourselves included.

And we had another round of the Mice and Mystics expansion. If I remember right we had a dismal failure the first time around, like, right away. And then figured to why not re-try and see just how far we got? And that turned out to work great. Thanks to a bunch of lucky rolls in short order we got through the next chapter. And got to enjoy one of those great tabletop-roleplaying-game moments where my thief scamp character uses his rapid speed to run into and right through the room with the rest of the party as some of the baddies chase. Spoiled by the baddies then having a bunch of lousy movement rolls, so they just puttered around so slow we started to wonder if we should go back for them and save us the waiting. We stuck to the plan, though, and managed a quite nice success.

Trivia: By 1826, more than 35 percent of Newark's white male labor force were master, journeymen, or apprentice shoemakers. Source: New Jersey: A History of the Garden State, Editors Maxine N Lurie, Richard Veit.

Currently Reading: Timekeepers, Simon Garfield.

PS: Let's go ride a roller coaster!


Braking mechanism underneath Bowcraft Amusement Park's Crossbow roller coaster launch station.


And from the launch station of Crossbow: an orchestra leader. ... All right, no; he's one of the chaperones for the group of Hasidic school children who came to the park for a mere two hours and made it thrillingly alive.


Manufacturer's plate for the Crossbow roller coaster. Ride Serial Number 8 528001. Ride Name: Family Coaster Bowcraft. Ride model number 8 628 Family Roller Coaster. Date of Manufacture 03-2006. Ride Speed: max 36 mph. Direction of travel: forward. Passenger Capacity by Number: 2 trains total.

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