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Let me change things up today and give you some pictures, then link to my humor blog's postings. Keeps you awake better.


Uncle Sam's Pizza Palace, apparently the main food place at Bowcraft Amusement Park.


Panoramic view of Bowcraft, looking west, with the entrance of the park on the left and Crossbow roller coaster on the right.


Another panoramic view of Bowcraft, from the Party Castle on the left to the Pizza Palace on the right.


The menu at Uncle Sam's Pizza Palace at Bowcraft Amusement Park. I don't know how this otherwise basic menu just screams New York City Metro Area to me.


Slushies stand at Bowcraft. Also serving ice cream and other chilled stuff. ... An ice slushie from here lasted basically the whole drive to Keansburg Amusment Park later and felt really good that day. ... I don't know why that kid in the striped shirt looks so suspicious of me.


The menu at the slushie stand. I'd had the lemon-and-lime, I think. bunny_hugger had one that it turns out you'll see soon; who knew?

Right, then, so the humor blog's features the past week:

Trivia: A British study in 1911 estimated that an attack on the Dardanelles would require the Royal Navy landing between 75,000 and 100,000 men to deal with shore defenses and to open the narrowest parts of the channel. Source: The First World War, Hew Strachan.

Currently Reading: Timekeepers, Simon Garfield.

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