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And all this peaceful living is driving me insane

I'm still shaking out of my mathematics-blog doldroms. Here's the past week's efforts.

And in the comics. What's Going On In Mary Worth? Muffins And Despair. February - May 2018. Wilbur has stuff happen to him!

And now let's close out Bowcraft.


Mix of rides at the Bowcraft Amusement Park, including the Tilt-a-Whirl, the rocking ship, Crossbow roller coaster, and a kiddie ride whose name I can't find, but it's the submarine-themed thing on the left there.


bunny_hugger posing for a picture with the big pig up front.


bunny_hugger sharing her iced drink with the big pig.


And a nice slow dance with the big pig.


The arcade inside Bowcraft Amusement Park. No pinball, alas. A couple of slot machines that we didn't know were legal.


Dragon Coaster as seen from the windows at the main building with the arcade.


An ancient picture of Bowcraft Amusement Park that's on a shelf up top of the arcade and souvenir shop. Undated as far as I can tell. Certainly predates 2006 when the Crossbow roller coaster would be built, up at the center-top of the picture. There's a Ferris wheel in evidence in the picture that's not there. I'm not sure but I think in the far back of the picture, where the roller coaster now is, might be an archery range; the spot started out, decades ago, as an archery and ski equipment store, which is why it has that name.


Stairs leading down from the arcade. The carpeting looks a bit 70s-old, and the wallpaper looks similarly dated and a bit worn. That the signs say Downstairs Closed and warning that the restrooms are in the park gave the place a certain Conneaut Lake Park vibe that also endeared the park to us.


And peeking inside the Party Castle as we left for the day; there's plenty of picnic tables inside, some of them partially set up for an event, or not quite un-set from the last.

Trivia: When Congress returned to Washington City in October 1807 President Thomas Jefferson reported to it how he had made contracts to purchase gunpowder --- for the possibility of war with the United Kingdom --- without appropriations; but it was not clear that he had actually spent any money, rather than making pledges he was confident the Congress would authorize. (They did.) Source: Waging War: The Clash Between Presidents and Congress, 1776 to ISIS, David J Barron.

Currently Reading: Exploring Mercury: The Iron Planet, Robert G Strom, Ann L Sprague.

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