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Over on my mathematics blog I started a sequence of actual interest to the local pinball league. Someday I might even tell them I wrote it. If you want to read my mathematics blog via RSS, here's your URL. If you'd like to read it in a more old-fashioned way, here, too:

and how about the story strips? What's Going On In Gil Thorp? Who's Provoking People Into Offensive Outbursts Now? March - June 2018.

Now back to Rye Playland and more of its historically significant and fascinating stuff.


Sign of maybe future times? Westchester County has had ideas about redeveloping Rye Playland for years; one that sure seems like it would have spoiled the place was abolished when Superstorm Sandy flooded everything back in 2012. Here's a poster showing the 2017-era redevelopment plans. I can't make any sense of them from this picture, but look at the nice old late-20s vintage architectural detail above.


Main entrance for the Dragon Coaster, along with one of the original stock train cars, retired in favor of one that has restraints. The entrance has these nice pictures of a girl in a skirt riding a wheeled dragon.


Entrance to Playland's Old Mill, one of the very few actual Tunnel of Love-style rides that exist outside old cartoons. In the 80s the ride was renovated so that it has gnome animatronics and this waterworks/cave-mining theme and it still looks great.


Ride operator leaning into the brake at the Old Mill launch station.


Path diagram for the Old Mill ride that can be seen from outside the station, in case you wanted to build a replica of it in Roller Coaster Tycoon. Not illustrated: how much of the Dragon coaster rides above all this.


Historic landmark sign outside the Old Mill's entrance, explaining something of the ride's significance.


Picture of part of the detail of the historic sign, with the brightness and contrast fiddled with so it's possible to see the design sketch that's otherwise light background. Yes, the sign reads, ``The designer's freehand drawing style is ihdicative [sic] of the spirt [sic] of the amusement'', which falls just short of quite making sense.


Boat ready to be launched at the Playland Old Mill, along with the ``map'' out front promising wonders and terrors within the Waterworks and Gnome City and Troll Caves and all that.


And here's a good look at the ``map''; the ride's got this style of cute, slightly childish scariness to it that's all quite fun. Great ride; go on it if you can.

Trivia: By 1908 Captain Gustave Ferrie was able to use radio signals from atop the Eiffel Tower to communicate four thousand kilometers. Source: Signor Marconi's Magic Box, Gavin Weightman.

Currently Reading: Hero-A-Go-Go: Campy Comic Books, Crimefighters, and Culture of the Swinging Sixties, Michael Eury.

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