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Oh, so, this was a couple weekends ago. But I was opening the fridge to get our rabbits vegetables and then somehow it went wrong. The door just kept on going, falling off the refrigerator and falling on the floor. bunny_hugger called over from the living room to ask what all the noise was, and I was stumped for how to answer. I mean, how do you explain something like that?

The explanation seems to be in the bolts at the bottom hinge for the fridge door. One of them had its head snap off. The other had, I guess, worked its way loose, and it finally rolled out and nothing was holding the door up. This produced a hurried cleanup of stuff that used to be on the door's shelves and a lot of reshuffling of the interior of the refrigerator. And then thinking out what to do.

With bunny_hugger holding the door I was able to put back the one good screw and we have a door that isn't exactly good, yet. It doesn't swing quite cleanly and it's prone to closing a little ajar, so I have a new thing to worry me at nights. But the important thing is I managed an emergency repair of a refrigerator door after midnight on a Saturday.

How about longer-term repairs? Well, I got a screw remover, which should allow me to extract the stripped-off screw. And found replacement screws of the right size; there were some put into the part of the refrigerator door where the mount would have been had we gotten doors opening to the left instead of the right put on. Now we just have to take the time to remove the door, fiddle with the screw removal, and then put things back on again.

Or maybe skip it all. The refrigerator is at least twenty years old. It might be worth replacing. My father's advised checking the quality of the rubber seal around the door by seeing how firmly it holds a small slip of paper, such as a dollar bill. It can't hold very well; we discovered the bottom of the seal was dangling loose. But there's also the question about how much we want to deal with any of this, and how soon. Also we've had a bunch of minor surprise extra expenses, including getting the bolts hooking the toilet to the floor replaced, that couldn't be let slide a while.

Trivia: After CBS shut down its experimental television broadcasts in 1942, it had Worthington Minor write a 450-page ``History of Television (1932 - 1942)'' about the early industry. CBS promptly reported losing its copy of manuscript. Source: Please Stand By: A Prehistory of Television, Michael Ritchie.

Currently Reading: Neither Snow Nor Rain: A History of the United States Postal Service, Devin Leonard.

PS: Reading the Comics, June 1, 2018: His First Name Is Tom For What That's Worth Edition.

PPS: Rye Playland.


More of the Grand Carousel, here showing off the back of the sea serpent chariot mostly. The backs of those aren't always painted to be interesting.


And the Rye Playland Grand Carousel building, as it appeared before the fire and from looking over a fence that concealed some power equipment or something.


Facade for the Flying Witch, one of the scary/haunted-theme rides, with a lot of stuff happening in the art and in some of the features moving.

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