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OK, I need more time to write than I'm all that sure I have this early in the week, so I'm going to vamp a little, with pictures from Rye Playland as part of the vamp. Thanks for being so kind about this.


Dragons and warriors and demon facade just over the gift shop on the north end of Rye Playland. You'd think one spot somewhere in here would have a Playland T-shirt but no, not so far as I can tell.


Figurehead over the Dragon roller coaster's entrance. Toward the end of the day and at night it breathes smoke like this.


DragonTron: the video screen above the Dragon Coaster entrance and that gets into action showing stuff in the evening and night. It fascinated me so.


View of the Rye Playland main midway, with its gorgeous walkway and The Dragon way off in the background center.


Shooting gallery at Rye Playland, which is over near that first arcade by the Grand Carousel and the arcade with the Bat-A-Ball.


bunny_hugger trying her quarters at the shooting gallery.

Trivia: Though it officially adopted the Gregorian Calendar in 1912 China did not use the Gregorian Calendar's year until the Communist victory in 1949. Source: The Calendar: The 5000-Year Struggle To Align The Clock and the Heavens --- and What Happened to the Missing Ten Days, David Ewing Duncan.

Currently Reading: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: The Search for the Lost Disney Cartoons, David A Bossert.

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