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And what all's happening on my mathematics blog?

Oh yeah, want to know What's Going On In The Amazing Spider-Man? Mostly Green People Throwing Spider-Man Around. Read on to see why that makes sense as a capsule summary!

It's getting to nighttime at Rye Playland a year ago. How's it looking there?


Musik Express and the Derby Racer's dome, with the Ferris Wheel illuminated in the background. I love difficult-lighting shots like this.


Derby Racer's dome with the Ferris Wheel centered the way I so hoped it would be.


Super Flight in motion --- it was down for a while --- showing the cage with the four riders inside and yet it still somehow looks like a toy version of itself. I don't know.


Musik Express as seen from inside, from the seats in back of the facade.


One of a handful of fairy-tale scenes lining the outside of Rye Playland's Kiddyland section. This one is about the Sing-A-Song-of-Sixpence.


Rye Playland has one of the oldest Kiddylands out there. Over the entrance is the Kiddy Coaster, which opened in 1928 --- so it's a year older than Dragon Coaster --- but which adults aren't allowed to ride.


The Kiddy Carousel at Rye Playland's Kiddyland. We've seen this ride before, in other places.


The Kiddy Carousel in motion, beneath the moon. If I had a camera that could photograph the moon in focus this would be a picture of the year.


Rye Playland's midway at night. This is looking southwest from around the area of the Grand Carousel.

Trivia: Qualification testing for the Space Shuttle Main Engine required a successful test-firing of 65,000 seconds, approximately what would be needed for forty shuttle missions. The rated life of the engine design was 55 missions. Source: Development of the Space Shuttle, 1972 - 1981, T A Heppenheimer.

Currently Reading: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: The Search for the Lost Disney Cartoons, David A Bossert.

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