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In the face of an entropy con there wasn't much we could do about the sea serpent puppet, or the signature stamp. I also realized I had forgotten to bring something for my Raccoons and Procyonids SIG and there was nothing to do about that either. But we could at least take care of the masking tape, and my toothbrush, and get something to try patching bunny_hugger's ears. There was a Kroger's right across the road from the Old Con Hotel. This would be one of multiple trips to that area, all of which reiterated how the old Holiday Inn Worthington was still there and looking all right. We thought about going in to look around and kept figuring, why? ... Also we found a buy-one-get-one-half-off deal for hairbands that did not ring up as a discount on the self-service register, not until the clerk supervising the thing hit the 'pay now' button for us. Seems like a user interface glitch there.

The important things were we got back to the hotel in time to fix bunny_hugger's ears as best as possible (and well enough to sustain the rest of the weekend), get my Raccoons Poll up and running, get a toothbrush that wasn't bad for me, and get down to the Friday night pizza service at Hospitality. Morphicon/AnthrOhio has always had pizza one night of the con. The challenge was this meal was set at the same hour as the Live Text Adventures game we wanted to play. But they had at Opening Ceremonies asked people taking pizza to leave Hospitality with it, to free up the limited space there. This seemed like license to grab some pizza and go off to an event.

Text Adventures was ... not in the room it was supposed to be in. But we found it, all the way across the hall, a conference-type room with a long table. It was also packed, enough that we had to grab chairs from the room it was supposed to be in, and still squeeze in between other people at the table, setting off bunny_hugger's anxiety that we were just in the way. ... Really, everything was cooler than that.

The adventure turned out to be one we'd played before, but a couple years ago. So all I really remembered was one moment where I had, by dint of remembering how in text-adventure games you need to examine every freaking little thing saved the party. It didn't come up anytime near my turn anyway. I did manage to have a great moment of high comedy, as there was a point where we needed to toss a grappling hook up a tower and climb the rope. I tossed the hook up, in time for bunny_hugger to try out ``Nooooooooooooo''. The group had not, at that point, attached the rope to the hook. So. Yeah. But the party was able to recover from this and we got through the adventure --- very loosely based on your great 80s slasher-at-camp movies --- successfully. The panel ran a little long but very well, and there was a sort of after-party of host Draggor talking about the mechanics of running this sort of group text-adventure play. One of the attendees was thinking to run her own text-adventure panel and the key part to it, as ever, is plunging in even though you don't feel ready, because it turns out it's all right if you screw up as long as you're sharing fun stuff with people.

This fed us to the later part of the Whose Lion Is It Anyway session; we poked in near the end, catching the last couple skits and finding it funnier than we had expected. But that lead to our unsuccessful attempt at signing up for the variety show.

It put us in a good hour to visit the Greymuzzles Meet and Greet, though, which for once wasn't scheduled for fearsomely early Sunday or something. It also didn't seem to have any particular organizer; it was just a dozen and a half older folks talking about how stuff used to be. We ended up in a group including Freddie Paul and Mycroft Bunny, as well as one of the guys who had run Furlaxation Con back when that was a thing. And who had plenty of gossip to share about the short-lived convention and its ending, which I'm not sure I ought to repeat. If nothing else it's not like I was taking notes to make sure I had it straight. But it's always fun to overhear.

And to close out the night we went to the dance. I'd gotten from a dollar store a couple of LED glowsticks, some of which came with lanyards so that bunny_hugger could wear them around her neck and swing around and such. Some of them were just the bare stick, so that I could hold them in my hand and only sometimes drop them. (Saturday I would drop one a ridiculous five times until it finally smashed to pieces.) But it was a chance for us to get into kigurumi, bunny_hugger as Stitch and me in my red panda outfit. Also for me to discover that I had lost the gloves which went with my red panda outfit. Entropy con again. It turned out that I had not lost them; they were just in the bottom of the box with my non-kigurumi coati tail and ears. I failed to look well enough. Hm.

Trivia: By the 1880s Pratt and Whitney were able to supply commercial machines capable of checking precision gauges to one hundred-thousandths of an inch. Source: Measuring America: How the United States was Shaped by the Greatest Land Sale in History, Andro Linklater.

Currently Reading: Terrytoons: The Story Of Paul Terry and his Classic Cartoon Factory, W Gerald Hamonic.

PS: No, we did not spend forever at Playland, much as it might tempt us!


Rye Playland's midway, looking north and west from near the Kiddyland --- notice the fairy-tale diorama in the lower left --- and to the Ferris wheel.


Rye Playland's main midway, looking back at the tower, from the far end.


Rye Playland's Grand Carousel illuminated for the night crowd.

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