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Terry meets Julie, Waterloo Station

Still recovering from the trip and too overscheduled to get to writing up AnthrOhio's Saturday. I hope to be back on track for Friday. So here instead are pictures from ... not quite our next thing from our fifth anniversary trip, last year. The actual next thing had been visiting the Silverball Museum, but that only has a couple of pictures, most of them pinball backglasses, and I like having them but there's not so much interesting stuff or things to build narratives around about those. So here's the next thing, then.


Panoramic view of a wide, empty parking lot, with bunny_hugger at the edge, fiddling with her phone. But why is this an important place?


Because it's the municipal parking lot at the entry to Seaside Heights, New Jersey, where we spent our first real date, and where we formally became engaged, and where we spent our fifth wedding anniversary, in such perfect weather as this.


Part of Seaside Heights's charm is older, Midcentury Modern buildings and signs and stuff like that kept in fine shape yet. It's not as extreme or as awesome as Wildwood, but it's such a charming place to look at anyway.


Green line down the middle of Boulevard, if I'm not mistaken. I trust it's a festival thing.


Much of Seaside Heights as we fell in love was wrecked in the Superstorm Sandy, or in related incidents such as the fire that destroyed Funtown Pier (attributed, I understand, to wiring damaged in the storm). But there's also smaller things that change. We had stopped in this convenience store for pop on our perfect-date day in 2008 and here ... well, it's not there anymore.


But then we got finally to the Boardwalk! This is the view south, to Seaside Park and where Funtown Pier had been.


bunny_hugger peering north, toward the truncated-and-rebuilt Casino Pier, from about the same spot where we'd first laid eyes on it.


One of the local seagulls, in the four-tone deluxe livery.


Oh, and some redemption prizes that totally look not at all bootlegged, right? Anyway, what kid doesn't dream of going to the arcade weekend after weekend, slowly accumulating their tickets, until that glorious day that they can take a heaping pile of receipts up to the counter and come back home with a 12-inch electric skillet?

Trivia: Only 60,000 of the 800,000 shares in Ferdinand de Lessep's Panama Canal company were purchased at its initial 1879 offering. Source: The Path Between The Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870 - 1914, David McCullough.

Currently Reading: Terrytoons: The Story Of Paul Terry and his Classic Cartoon Factory, W Gerald Hamonic. OK, but seriously, look at this Wikipedia-grade heap of words in one alleged paragraph:

Tom Morrison also contributed plots and ideas on a sporadic basis. During this period Terry and Foster's ideas tended to make up the lion's share of each story. While the head of the department was John Foster, it was Paul Terry who was active as the headman making all final approvals on scripts. I Klein had returned to New York City in April 1940 and started his Terrytoons career about two weeks later. He got the job after he brought along a reel of his animation which he had completed in Hollywood. Terry offered him a job and then the two chatted about some laughs Klein received from an animated cartoon that he had seen the night before at a movie theater. The cartoon was about dinosaurs and cavemen and Klein described some of the gags. Terry listened to Klein with an amused smile.

No, I'm not sure which department Foster was the head of. I think it was story, but ... ? ... You know? I feel confident about the research and the granular facts, even if the citations are often people's interviews done by other animation historians in the 60s and 70s, but there's just no narrative here.

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