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I had a full week of humor posting, despite a big trip and its aftermath. Thanks in part to exciting news about Jim Scancarelli's comic strip Gasoline Alley, which was too.

Now let's get back to normal, which is to say, Casino Pier and our fifth anniversary, almost a year ago incredibly.


And a good opening scene of Casino Pier, with a couple of the things I think define the place. There's the big Ferris Wheel ride, there's the Frog Bog redemption game, there's the sparkling billboard, there's the frozen custard place. You know, summer. Do you see the roller coaster? Now do you see the roller coaster?


Group on the beach wrestling with their umbrella tent. I loved when this thing started snapping like an angry dog at the Pink Panther.


Look, I understand there's only so many Fourth of July movies out there, but. Um. The swim-in movie. Jaws. About shark attacks the Fourth of July weekend at a beach town. A story loosely based on the shark attacks that hit the Jersey Shore around the Fourth of July, 1916. I mean, you know? The heck? (Yeah, none at Seaside Heights, but it's not like Spring Lake, where one of the shark attacks hit, is that far away.)


One of the big statues that greets people to Casino Pier. And that stands on the rooftop of one of the redemption games, at the edge of the rooftop miniature golf course. Do you see Zippy the Pinhead having a deep conversation with the figure about the meaning of formica?


Rooftop giraffe, also at the edge of the miniature golf course. Look close and you can also spot a mouse on the rooftop.


Getting onto the Casino Pier proper: here's a walk-through funhouse-style kiddie attraction named Pirate's, I guess, which is why the art is of crazy swamp beings?


Ah, and who is this? Hydrus, a name which we giggled about because it's the male counterpart to the Hydra. But Hydrus is a constellation and the name evokes Hydra, one of the roller coasters at not-too-far-off Dorney Park, without being actionable exactly.


The main lift hill to Hydrus: a dramatic vertical ascent that you take on your back, in time for a really sharp drop. Reminiscent of Hershey Park's Fahrenheit and Canobie Lake Park's Untamed.


The Ferris Wheel, and far in the background the Surf Shack, another walk-through funhouse attraction. And in front one more strange fiberglass statue, of a Paul Bunyonesque figure. I have no explanation for this phenomenon.

Trivia: The first recording session for Rocky and His Friends was the 11th of February, 1958, at Universal Recorders. (An earlier test taping had been done at Capitol Records.) William Conrad, Paul Frees, June Foray, and Bill Scott were the actors. Source: The Moose that Roared: The Story of Jay Ward, Bill Scott, a Flying Squirrel, and a Talking Moose, Keith Scott.

Currently Reading: Terrytoons: The Story Of Paul Terry and his Classic Cartoon Factory, W Gerald Hamonic. And, yes, it's cool that Terry was determined to keep his studio integrated (yeah, he was in New York City --- well, New Rochelle --- but still, it was the 30s through 50s) and hired Paul Robeson to record songs. Weird that even Hamonic can't pin down when he hired Robeson, though. The claim Terry hired Robeson while the man was blacklisted is a great testament to Terry's character, but ... if even Hamonic can't say that the recordings weren't done in 1938 it loses the power.

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