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It's gone, Charlie Brown

Dinner, I think, we went out to Hothead Burritos again, gotten to just late enough in the day we closed them out. Afterwards we went back trying to find a credit union that bunny_hugger could get some cash from. This proved surprisingly annoying and took us all around the vicinity of the convention's Old Hotel before we found the Telhio credit union building. There she had to walk up to the drive-up ATM, and it still wanted her consent to paying a fee to withdraw her own money, even though they're part of the same credit union network. I don't remember if it turned out they actually charged the fee or not but bunny_hugger had strong words for them that were sent to me.

The big evening event was the dance. The schedule tells me karaoke was also going on, but I don't know where. The dance, though, that we did. With bunny_hugger bringing out her marionette, which was just so popular. And so very attention-getting. This is definitely the easy way to get comfortable thanks-for-performing attention at a con.

Among the people paying attention: a pack of young girls who were at the convention, and the dance. They saw bunny_hugger dancing the marionette as best she could, and gathered around into an appreciative semicircle. Including, often, bowing down and worshipping as if the dragon figure was their beloved leader. The room was dark, but I could see bunny_hugger blushing even from behind her. This was surely partly because of the novelty of a marionette, and bunny_hugger did her best to make the dragon respond well to this attention. But I gather it's something that kids do at dances these days, or at least that these kids do. Later on when we were taking a break from the dance they did the same bit to a fursuiter.

But also later on, after I had broken my LED glowstick by dropping it once again --- and patched it back into working, if fragile --- I got to talk with the kids' caretaker. They saw the LED glowstick, which I'd set on the side by my trash bin with the Raccoons SIG advertisement, and wondered if it was anyone's and if they could take it. I did claim the glowstick, and explained what it was doing there in its post-active life. They sounded interested, though, in the Raccoons SIG and in the Bunnies SIG, set for an hour before that on Sunday morning. And were as good as their word: Sunday morning they were there, interested in and attending both panels and giving both a needed core population.

We lasted to the end of the dance at 1 am. Was this wise, given our morning panels the next day? That we'd have to be awake and ready at 10:30 am to start the day? Who, really, can say? No, it probably wasn't that wise. But we were at a convention.

Trivia: Fred Allen quipped once of his summer hometown of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, that ``there are so many Canadians here, they're putting a British lion on the merry-go-round and laying off a hyena''. Source: Fred Allen: His Life and Wit, Robert Taylor. Which may be the most trivial thing I've ever listed here, but it's a nice quip and bunny_hugger liked it. Although was there ever a hyena on any carousel before like 1991 when all the rules came off? But if there weren't, why would Fred Allen have imagined something so idiosyncratic as a hyena on a carousel? A lion as emblem of Britain makes sense, but what nation in the 30s could Britain be seen as chasing off, and what nation was ever seen as hyenas outside wartime? Also I don't know how to use the National Carousel Association's census well enough to figure out what if any carousel might have been there in the 30s, and whether it already had a lion or not. Also whether it was possible there might have been an antique carved hyena might have seemed like an obvious easy answer but bunny_hugger and I not ten days ago encountered a carousel that shattered all our understandings of what antiques were like so, stay tuned!

Currently Reading: Models of Spatial Processes: An Approach to the Study of Point, Line, and Area Patterns, Arthur Getis, Barry Boots.

PS: Did I pick that trivia to go along with these pictures? Or was it an impossibly lucky coincidence when I found this piece a couple weeks ago? Only one person knows for sure --- although more might, now.


The Floyd Moreland carousel! Still in its historic location even though the completely legitimate and not at all shady land-swap deal to keep the carousel in town had been approved.


The Floyd Moreland carousel, showing off one of its chariots. Also one of its camels.


Looking at the rounding board of the Floyd Moreland carousel, and the gorgeous fine details on it.

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