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It is probably not literally the case that every time we do AnthrOhio the Bunnies SIG is set for the first thing at painfully early in the morning. It's too much effort for me to find old schedules. It feels like it. The Bunnies SIG this year was for Sunday at 10:30 am, an hour bunny_hugger expected everyone remotely interested would be in bed. We would have been, given half a chance. We might yet be there. But we bowed to the schedule and sucked it up, hoping to carry on best we could despite the meager turnout.

And then the turnout wasn't meager. It wasn't robust, like the Greymuzzles meet on Friday was. But it must have been at least a dozen, counting people who popped in and stayed a while and then left. Part of this was the kids who had been dance-worshipping bunny_hugger's marionette dragon the night before, and their chaperone. Part of it were people we'd seen and maybe guilted into coming. But there were enough people to come in and talk about rabbits and their relationship with rabbits that it all felt lively, and like it wasn't going on quite long enough. Also bunny_hugger was able to raffle off the bunny plush and candy that she'd gotten at discount after Easter. She used the last of my ``Trash Panda: Yes or No'' ballots, so that I can go on to a new survey next year. Definitely the best Bunnies SIG in several years.

Afterwards was a half-hour break, inviting the question of why the panel couldn't have been set for 11 am instead. No idea; some of the panels were set with half-hour or full-hour buffers between events. Some ran right against one another. Makes sense for things with the same host and the same room to be adjacent, but, for example, the Bunnies SIG and the Raccoons-and-Procyonids SIG weren't the same host.

Next was the Raccoons and Procyonids SIG and that, too, was better-attended that the last several years' worth had been. It had a less awful hour, noon, and that reminds me it seems like the Raccoons SIG is always after the Bunnies SIG. Maybe they just schedule these in alphabetical order. Also maybe my last rounds of campaigning with the ``Trash Panda: Yes or No'' vote drove up interest. Maybe it's just the growing population that encouraged more people to come in.

That was a fun panel, though. Nobody came in suit, that I remember, although a good half or so of the people had raccoon characters of some kind, as opposed to just being raccoon-friendly or interested in the trash bin. And somehow we spent a lot more time on contemporary cultural factors about raccoons. Particularly in how they live in this not-quite-natural, not-quite-domesticated, not-quite-feral state. Raccoons thrive in cities, but they're not really of cities. They have this liminal existence, and Western Civilization has this deep fear and fascination of the liminal.

Also we got somehow onto domestication and what it does to animals. Someone talked about how domesticating dogs and cats made them stupider, and I couldn't buy that. At the risk of talking about something beyond my actual expertise it seemed to me that animals are just what they are. We might judge them by how well they fit the roles we want them to fit. And then get angry at them for not fitting that role, as if that were their fault for being what they are. Raccoons and coatis and other procyonids are very hard fits. They look like they should be playful cats as dextrous as monkeys, but turn out to want to do their own stuff, and we get upset when they do. I felt like I was making explicit feelings about human interactions with animals that I didn't realize I quite held. I don't know how the panel went for anyone else, but it left me feeling better in touch with the animals I'm most interested in besides bunny_hugger.

Something to make me upset with this coati: at some pinball event a couple months back, I got a couple of extra promotional flyers for the Grauniads of the Galaxy pinball. When I grabbed them I thought, of course, I can give them out at a Raccoons SIG. They don't feature Rocket Raccoon prominently, but they show him at all, and there's only like three other pinball machines that have raccoons on them at all, none still in production or even noteworthy. But then I forgot to sign up to run any panels at Motor City Fur[ry] Con. I figured, no harm done, I can bring them to AnthrOhio. And then I left them at home instead. Well, there's the slender chance I'll remember to bring it to the conventions next year.

The trash bin was tipped over well. I'd loaded it with pick-and-mix candy from the local farmer's market, and a bunch of trinkets from the dollar store. And that ten-dollar ``Certified Furry Trash'' token that was uncovered by someone who actually wanted the thing. Good for them.

We gathered up the leftover candy --- nobody could finish all that much junk food, try as we might --- to bring to Hospitality. I think we got something to eat there, although there wasn't much that was interesting. Might have just got chips and water cookies. I had a lot of wafer cookies and fig newtons that weekend, but then it's almost the only time I have fig newtons.

I was going to lead us into doing something frightening and maybe completely unwise.

Trivia: In 1925 Marshall Field department store began hosting an annual Hoosier Salon, showing paintings by Indiana artists. Source: Service and style: How the American Department Store Fashioned the Middle Class, Jan Whitaker.

Currently Reading: Models of Spatial Processes: An Approach to the Study of Point, Line, and Area Patterns, Arthur Getis, Barry Boots.

PS: Reading the Comics, June 23, 2018: Big Duck Energy Edition that's somehow like a thousand words even though it's about four comics? I don't know.

PPS: Casino Pier!


Entrance tunnel to the Pirates Hideaway, the tiny roller coaster that alongside the Hot Tamales is all that remains of the pre-Sandy roller coasters on the pier.


The big and, in the distance, little drops on Pirates Hideaway. It's a small ride. When the building was enclosed the front drop was all that you could see from outside, with the behind a mystery in the shades.


Some of the jungle imagery painted onto the backdrop of Pirates Hideaway. I guess it must be from a remote jungle island where stuff gets hidden? That seems to check out.

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