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But I don't feel afraid

Had a week on my humor blog that I'm basically happy with. If you skipped it and its RSS feed, here's your last chance for many of these to be called to your attention.

And now let me share some of the pictures of Casino Pier because I took a lot of them and I need someone to see them.


The Musik Express! Which I believe is a new instance of the thing, replacing one destroyed in Superstorm Sandy. Love that backdrop airbrush art.


Speaking of backdrop airbrush art, here's the side drop for Pirates Hideaway.


Paint job on one of the kiddie car rides updates the van to a reference only 49 years old.


Swinging chairs ride that's another survivor of Sandy.


Dizzy Dragons ride, again a survivor of Sandy. bunny_hugger and I rode this on an earlier visit and did indeed make ourselves too dizzy to continue. But, you know, you get the chance to be in a fat dragon belly, who's going to turn that down?


All up and down the boardwalk are Kohr Custard stands. I'm not sure I had noticed this bit of puffery based on the Chicago World's Fair before but who can turn down graphic design like that? And seriously; I love the typeface and love the industrial picture.


And the stuff going on at one of the restaurants along the boardwalk. Seems exciting I guess?


Oh, so that's where Russel Mael and Jane Wiedlin were hoping to go! ... And apparently they've moved north a quarter-mile since the Funtown Pier fire.


Peeking back at the Floyd Moreland carousel, with a better view of the ceiling.

Trivia: The word ``worry'' derives from the Old English ``wyrgan'', meaning to strangle or throttle, or to choke on food. It first appears in Middle English as ``worien'' to mean ``to kill by choking, to strangle''. Source: Semantic Antics: How and Why Words Change Meaning, Sol Steinmetz.

Currently Reading: Models of Spatial Processes: An Approach to the Study of Point, Line, and Area Patterns, Arthur Getis, Barry Boots.

PS: In Which I Learn A Thing About Non-Euclidean Geometries and it is literally a thing, but still, that's something.

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