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Happy anniversary, dear bunny_hugger. All the six years so far have been wonderful. But I admit, I hope for somehow better ones to come, and live confident that they shall be. This is greedy, I suppose, but it is my truth.

Still all our days are good ones, as they have you in them, and you share them with me.

Trivia: During the Revolutionary War, Pennsylvania and Virginia agreed the western border of Pennsylvania would be five degrees of longitude west of the point where the Delaware River crossed the latitude of Maryland's northern border; this gave both Pennsylvania and Virginia access to the Ohio River. Source: How The States Got Their Shapes, Mark Stein.

Currently Reading: The Philosophy of Mathematics: An Introductory Essay, Stephan Körner.

Let me share with everyone pictures of where she and I were a year ago.


The inner, non-romance, side of one of the chariots on the Floyd Moreland carousel. I've gotten strangely interested in this side, as it's the one that doesn't have to appeal to potential riders, so, what do you do there?


And here's the normal side of one of the horses, showing off how much Dentzel horses don't like that they have bits in their mouth.


Close-up of a dragonny figure that's on the carousel's chariot.


One of my favorite perspectives on a carousel like this: peering down far enough that you can see all the way across the floor, and see just how the carousel platform is suspended from above. Also I like motion shots of a carousel like this, especially when I've got apparently some part of the carpet in perfect focus.


Lovely hand-painted sign thanking the riders for appreciating the carousel that Casino Pier tried to sell off a couple years ago and finally swapped the city for.


Another hand-painted sign encouraging the preservation of the 1910 carousel that Casino Pier was ready to auction off, which would all but certainly have broken it up never to be a rideable thing again.


Stealth selfie? ... Uh ... no, I don't think it is. Not as far as I can tell. But I do like how the carousel and the band organ look in the overhead mirror.


And the lead horse of the Floyd Moreland carousel, in front of the sign explaining what the ride is and asking for respect.


The bench where we formally got engaged, the 1st of January, 2012.

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