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Of the stuff run on my mathematics blog the last week it's mostly been Reading the Comics stuff. That's all right. I think my Reading the Comics stuff has been better the last couple months. Also the thing that wasn't includes this great scheme I noticed for calculating square roots and I want people to notice it. So go and notice already, okay? Like right now. Here, I'll help and give you a hint where to notice.

Seriously, though, I think this is a really great square root scheme. Anyway, you know What's Going On In Dick Tracy? Is The Green Hornet Eating Bread? April - July 2018 was kind of a weird couple months. Now here's some more Storybook Land.


And the roller-coaster high point of Storybook Land: Bubbles the Coaster. Really the sign won us over, although it does leave us the question: so why is Bubbles blue on the sign but green on the track? Also is the roller coaster named Bubbles The Coaster? Or Bubbles, with The Coaster specifying what it is? But if it's a coaster then why is it also a dragon? We have so many further questions.


Oh yeah, so, while Bubbles the Coaster rides, you go past a house (Bubbles's house?) and the house shoots out soap bubbles which are a lot of fun and not as menacing to the eyes while you're riding as you might fear.


Duck! Local waterfowl who hang around the canals. I'm not sure if they're affiliated with the park --- there are duck feeding stations around --- or if they just know a good spot when they see it.


Alice In Wonderland-themed maze that's mostly fun to walk around, but not that hard because the cards only comes up to my chest.


Sign outside Sleeping Beauty's Castle. The dot above the 'i' caused me no end of trouble because my eye kept trying to interpret it as some feature in the squirrel's legs or nether regions and that is not a thought that ends well, believe me. As it is it almost looks like a censor bar, so, I think the sign has composition issues.


And the much more normal interior of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Note the fairy dolls on the left wall, set up on Christmas ornaments.


And a side view of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. I imagine but do not know that this is used for live appearances by Sleeping Beauty in her non-sleep phase.


Skeptical peacock, one of the animals kept in the park. They've got several peacocks, including a white one.


Fiberglass squirrel having far too much of a reaction. Decoration on the top of a tree-themed swings ride.

Trivia: Michael Faraday's last experiment, conducted in March 1862, was studying the effect of magnetism on the spectrum of light emitted by incandescent substances. Faraday found nothing, but in 1897, Peter Zeeman --- with better tools --- discovered the splitting of light spectrums by magnetism and now named for him. Source: Faraday, Maxwell, and the Electromagnetic Field: How Two Men Revolutionized Physics, Nancy Forbes, Basil Mahon.

Currently Reading: Academia Waltz and Other Profound Transgressions, Berkeley Breathed. Ok, so Breathed has always been like 45% a cranky old man, even when he was a 20-year-old college student. And, oh Lord but student newspaper cartoonists do not have a handle on how to address sensitive matter. And, yes, standards for what is even acceptable to say in public about non-white, non-heterosexual characters have changed a lot since 1979. So. When nearly all [*] those failure modes converge, and what is meant to just be a gay halfback tells one of his homophobic teammates, ``Listen you ugly little toad ... I'm more woman than you'll ever have ... and more man than you'll ever be'', it kind of comes out as a weirdly good declaration of confident non-binary life. Like, I'd enjoy having that much self-confidence about myself.

[*] Oh wow but there are so many race fails in this and I'm honestly surprised Breathed published it without a lot more ``yeah, don't leave 20-year-olds chances to be funny without supervision and I hope I've done better since then''.

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