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You can ne'er return again

So what all's been happening in my humor blog? My usual sorts of nonsense. Here's some of it; enjoy.

Goats, as we get to the last hour at Storybook Land.


Stockade ready for everybody in the park to take a picture and send it to their mother. ... I need to send the picture bunny_hugger took of me to my mother. Just a second.


In the back of Storybook Land were animal exhibits and yes, we worried about what might find there. It isn't unheard-of for an otherwise great amusement park to have some animal it really shouldn't be keeping, like one of the great cats or bears or something. But, no, they keep animals that are within the range of a small family park to care for reasonably, such as goats and deer and sheep and such.


bunny_hugger buying some food for a billy goat who, you'll notice, already knows exactly how this is going to go down.


Gruff billy goat is pretty well done waiting for bunny_hugger to put the feed in the bucket and winch it up to the house. Also, goat eyes: the heck, right?


So the goat helps out getting the bucket of feed up there.


The sweet, sweet taste of successful goat work. ... Again with the goat eyes.


And a squirrel who happens to live in the park, near a railroad car that's a snack stand.


The North Pole! Pretty near Santa's Workshop, just off the entrance of the park. I must have missed photographing this earlier.


One of our last rides was on the Candy Cane Express, a train of cars that putters around the park. Bubbles the Coaster's in the background on the left, there.

Trivia: Alfred Moen developed his faucet design, controlling hot and cold water flow with a single handle, in the late 1930s. It was not manufactured until after World War II, and sold only 250 units its first year in production. Source: Small Things Considered: Why There Is No Perfect Design, Henry Petroski.

Currently Reading: Spacesuit: A History Through Fact and Fiction, Brett Gooden.

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