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Everyone, how do you do, the cook in the kitchen and the Duchess too

Despite Penelope's death, and Pinburgh eating up a lot of time, and driving, and all that, I still had a week of stuff posted to my humor blog. Here's what it was, in you missed it.

And now let's get some good first views of Gillian's Wonderland Pier.


Tee Time Golf advertising panels, featuring the Public Domain Cartoon Cover of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble looking over at ... Octopus Tweety Bird? I dunno. This picture rewards close study of the ways it doesn't quite make sense.


First real look at Gillian's Wonderland, with those neat signs spelling out 'W-O-N-D-E-R-L-A-N-D' receding into the distance.


Couple of animal sculptures that decorate the Tee Time miniature golf. Notice the dinosaur in back, just like in one of the advertising panels noted above.


And also there's the Fred and Barney car, with Fred driving on the wrong side for the reasons. He was on the left in the cartoon, right? I don't exactly remember either but he must have been on the left, mustn't he?


Fuller view of Gillian's Wonderland, which opens onto the boardwalk, and is largely enclosed in this gorgeous castle. I had expected it to be a pier but this is not even slightly bad to see instead.


What's a castle without having some kind of dragon there to rescue the young prince? Notice in the doorway below a view of their antique carousel.


Little panel on one of the Gillian's Wonderland castle towers. Their mascots are bears, so I guess she's part of the Wonderland Bear (WonderBear?) family.


View of their antique carousel, Philadelphia Toboggan Company #75, from 1926. One of the few carousels to still have a brass ring dispenser on hand. Only two tickets per ride, too.


View of the Frontier Express Monorail, which runs on an elevated track around the whole place and doesn't make enough sparks that you worry.

Trivia: Isaac Bullard, leader of the 1810s religious group the Vermont Pilgrims, styled himself the Prophet Elijah and called his son Second Christ. Source: Waking Giant: America in the Age of Jackson, David S Reynolds.

Currently Reading: The Complete Peanuts, 1950 - 2000, Charles Schulz. Editor Gary Groth.

PS: Reading the Comics, July 28, 2018: Command Performance Edition, the tweet announcing which got retweeted by, so I might just have a population spike for an ordinary old post.

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