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How would you feel if it rained on Ricky's shoes?

I don't really know what the lyric even means. It's the best I can make out from that bit of Phish's Halley's Comet, the song I was using for the Traverse Bay 2017 trip report. Because we found a Comet pinball machine, you see. Anyway here's what was on my humor blog this past week. If you missed it.

Let's poke around Omena, Michigan, some. No bunny content today.


Herbs-by-the-bay growing opposite the small street from Omena Beach. The fence and car in the background are in the tiny public parking lot.


And the Omena Beach, plus the grassy area behind and picnic tables and all. When bunny_hugger's family visited in the 80s it was always empty; now, it doesn't seem it ever is.


Some of the swimmers at Omena Beach, plus boats behind and the land marking the end of this little part of the bay.


Omena Beach rock that's taken on a subordinate rock on the side. I'm assuming a bit of drying water adhered this tiny rock to the larger one, but it's still an odd thing to find.


bunny_hugger kneeling down outside the Tamarack to sneak up on Knot Just A Bar, a onetime dive bar in Omena that has since been fallen prey to heavy gentrification.


The locals are still friendly, though. Here's a water bowl and a free dog food treat bin on the path leading from Omena to the house we rented.


Tiny closet inside the Tamarack Art Gallery containing the memorial to Eugene the dog. If you think this is a bit much then please consider the next picture.


Yes, the banner carried by the birds reads, 'No accolade does justice to his greatness'. The newspaper clippings show various parades and such that Eugene apparently featured in. The printed-out thing on the left center there is a bit of Internet-grade comedy about the relative intelligence of different kinds of dogs.


Statue at the Tamarack Gallery representing Eugene, I imagine. I suppose the wings to be additions but know nothing about all this except what you see in these pictures; all I make are assumptions based on what I see.

Trivia: Gutta-percha was introduced to western Europe in 1843. By 1850 it was being used to cover the first telegraph cable underneath the English Channel. Source: How The World Was One: Beyond the Global Village, Arthur C Clarke.

Currently Reading: Fuelling the Empire: South Africa's Gold and the Road to War, John J Stephens.

PS: Reading the Comics, August 16, 2018: Recursive Edition, just trying to keep up with the comics page.

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