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If only you would give me a reason why you're so uptight

I got student evaluations for last term. I got good reviews, and on every measured point scored higher than the department and the faculty averages. I'm not obsessive-compulsive enough to consider the standard deviations and test their statistical significance, particularly as my classes were small, but I'm glad to have this on the record. For the first time, nobody critiqued my hair or clothing.

The Land Transit Authority finalized names for twelve of the Circle Line stations, following public feedback. One of the goals was to not name stations for the street they're on, to avoid the name being ambiguous to the station's location. The provisionally named Museum station, adjacent to the Singapore Art Museum, will instead be Bras Basah, name of the road on which it and Convention Centre lay. Convention Centre, next to the Convention Centre, is being renamed Esplanade, for the park it's a few blocks away from. While Kampong Glam and Sultan Gate were popular choices for the Nicoll Highway station, the station's relocation after the Nicoll Highway collapse makes those names geographically inappropriate, so they're sticking with Nicoll Highway as the station name.

Mercifully, Millenia Station -- located next to a mall and condo with that infinitely irritating name -- will be Promenade. The public preferred Sheares, after President Benjamin Sheares, but the LTA felt naming something after a president was too special for a station. Boulevard is becoming Stadium, as it's adjacent to the National Stadium, although the runner-up name was Tanjong Rhu, which I believe was the space probe which collided with Nomad to create the killer super-space probe in the Star Trek classic episode ``The Changeling.''

Trivia: Bras Basah Road literally means ``wet rice road,'' and was named for a cargo of rice soaked in the then-nearby creek. Source: Street Names of Singapore, Dunlop Street.

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