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So funny thing about being bounced out of the Classics tournament and having nothing to do but buff my scores qualifying for Main: I didn't. Oh, I tried, but I didn't improve any of my scores. (I know because I can see the roster of scores submitted at bunny_hugger managed a couple little improvements, but just a bit here and there. We would make it into A Division, me as 10th seed and she as 12th. MWS would go in as 6th seed.

Not funny: while waiting around with nothing to do I puttered over to Knockout to start a game. It wasn't part of the Main Tournament qualifying so, hey, free practice. What I realized a second too late was that MSS, who'd been talking with me and MWS while he played, wasn't just filling time until the next tournament game. He had just played his Classic quarter-final game, and was waiting for the score to be logged, and I'd just wiped it out.

I felt awful. I still feel awful. We all knew his score was 48 thousand something. MWS was confident the last digits were 970. On the basis of this AJH, running the tournament, and all his competitors were willing to stipulate that he'd scored 48,970 on the game. It happens the last three digits didn't matter --- the nearest competitors were 42,680 and 56,580 --- but, just, ow. I kept apologizing to AJH, who reassured me that this wasn't Pinburgh. There wasn't money on the line or anything, just IFPA points. And everybody makes mistakes and that's all right. And this is true, but, boy. I could have avoided the mistake if I had done something as simple as ask MSS --- or anybody --- if it were all right for me to play. I'm not usually that dumb.

MSS didn't make it through that round of Classics Finals --- took two last places after that third-place finish --- but doesn't seem to have credited my screw-up with breaking his flow.

OK, and that's as far as I had gotten writing before the urgent family stuff caught up to me. More when I can.

Trivia: In the last days of April 1945 Hermann Fegelein, a liaison officer for Himmler, and brother-in-law to Eva Braun, abandoned his post and uniform and tried to flee Berlin. After he was found, drunk, the remaining German authorities began a court-martial against him; it was interrupted on the 29th of April as Hitler ordered the man shot. Source: Germany 1945: From War To Peace, Richard Bessel.

Currently Reading: Go, Flight! The Unsung Heroes of Mission Control, 1965 - 1992, Rick Houston, Milt Heflin.

PS: Omena Beach again.


bunny_hugger flying her parrot kite.


She makes kite-flying look easy.


And bringing the kite in for a quick talk.

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