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How would you like to have your thick strawberry goo?

Mathematics blog. I was just starting to have the time for it again. Well, here's the past week's work.

And I had time for a quick report on What's Going On In Gil Thorp? Cheating? In GOLF? June - August 2018 Now back to Suttons Bay.


I like to think this kid's mind was blown by the kite action.


bunny_hugger's dragon kite, just launched.


The shadow cast by the dragon kite and its long mylar tail.


The dragon kite in flight.


The cover for bunny_hugger's 1985 album.


Kid who's very excited and maybe afraid of the dragon kite.


I totally help with launching the dragon kite!


And here the kite's starting to launch.


That evening: trying to figure out how to crack this Mice and Mystics chapter. We'd eventually beat it, like, four months later.

Trivia: NBC organized its second, Blue, radio network two months after going on the air in November 1926. It organized the Pacific-coast Orange network in April 1927. Source: The Magic Music Box: The Golden Age of Musical Radio, Thomas A Delong.

Currently Reading: Go, Flight! The Unsung Heroes of Mission Control, 1965 - 1992, Rick Houston, Milt Heflin.

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