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How could you know that I lived in a desperate world?

Oh, I missed announcing one of the week's mathematics essays around here. You didn't miss it if you put that blog on your Reader page. Nor if you have my stuff on your RSS reader. But for all of you who don't, here's the past week's blog-writing:

And to the story strips! What's Going On In Judge Parker? Who's Now Dead In Judge Parker? June - September 2018 plot recap here.

And here's a little more of Traverse City.


Football scoreboard of dubious plausibility located within the Cherry Republic store in Traverse City. I mean, 86 points in under five minutes of play? Exactly how many turnovers are the Bananas allowing?


Baseball scoreboard within the Cherry Republic store in Traverse City, this with a score that's less dubious but that does invite the question: why did the home team Cherries go up to bat that last inning?


The lovely State Theatre with its classic old marquis and promise of the Traverse City Film Festival, which was a copule weeks after our visit.


And a quick stop inside Toy Harbor to enjoy some of their dragons. Here an adorable flower-tongued dragon.


And here's some dragon knights. We didn't buy any, for some reason.


Giant T-Rex, you say? This is tempting. Also I have to imagine the puppet theater could be made wider although I can't tell how from the picture.

Trivia: The ``turtle'' of the name for Manhattan's Turtle Bay neighborhood --- the vicinity of the United Nations building --- is a corruption of the Dutch ``deutel'', meaning dowel, which the now-filled-in bay loosely resembled. Source: The Island at the Centre of the World: The Untold Story of the Founding of New York, Russell Shorto.

Currently Reading: The Bicentennial History of Ingham County, Michigan, Ford Stevens Ceasar.

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