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How could you dream that we were all made out of stone?

How's my humor blog looking? About like this:

So now back to our last full day up in Omena and the vicinity last year.


Back at our rental home: the big side garden and the steps up to the patio where bunny_hugger's parents stayed so much, given her mother's agonizing back pain.


Columbo taking another chance to patrol the grounds.


Keeping an eye on that volleyball just in case it needs to answer some questions.


Columbo keeping a respectable interest in me and showing off that big ol' ear.


If you look closely, you can see some bunny tongue.


Columbo wanting the volleyball to feel nice and secure before he turns to ask it a few key questions.


And then bunny_hugger and I went to Leelanau State Park, around the Grand Traverse Lighthouse, to have a little time on the beach and on the lakeside in the evening light.


We stopped at a not particularly sandy part of the shoreline (there is a sandy region, although this part of the state has a lot of rocky beaches). Anyway, here's the kinds of water and plantlife you get at the beach.


So yeah, I took a bunch of pictures of plants with Lake Michigan in the background. I like it.

Trivia: In 1847 there were about 335,000 workers employed in Paris. In 1848 there were about 147,000. Source: 1848: The Revolutionary Tide in Europe, Peter N Stearns.

Currently Reading: The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics, Editors Bill Blackbeard, Martin Williams.

PS: Reading the Comics, September 7, 2018: The Playful Mathematics Blog Carnival Is Coming Edition so here's a few more comic strips, just to wrap things up.

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