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What is the truth, what is the faithful lasting proof?

And how's things on my humor blog looking? About like you'd expect:

So this brings us to Sunday of our Omena trip last year. This was the day we had to check out, so, what we did was clean up, pack up ourselves and our rabbit, and go home. Be ready for a lot of bunny pictures. But first ...


Sign, made from a used Yahtzee score blank, that bunny_hugger's father taped to the washing machine to alert people to a problem with the water temperature selection. My question: what work is ``etc'' doing in that sentence?


To take the edge off leaving, we brought Columbo to the Omena Beach, where Stephen the year before had his sample of the water. We wondered what he would make of sand and water and beach grass and all that.


He made a pretty merry time of it, exploring the terrain so.


Columbo examining the bay and the very expensive homes quite out of reach.


bunny_hugger was all ready to take a picture of Columbo on the beach when he decided he had to get somewhere else. Fortunately he wasn't thrown by how a leash will sometimes get really tight and pull back on him and restrain his movements; some rabbits can't take it.


Columbo deciding there's parts of the beach area that he can totally eat, and going about that business then.


Columbo taking a good hard look at some of these rocks as places he might be slightly higher up. Might he?


He goes for it! The rare three-paws-in-the-air image of a rabbit's leaping.


And from that perch ... might he go a little higher yet? He thinks about it ...

Trivia: In 1257 England's Queen Eleanor fled the town of Nottingham as she could not abide the coal smoke smell, and feared for her health. Source: Coal: A Human History, Barbara Freese.

Currently Reading: Spaceships: An Illustrated History of the Real and the Imagined, Ron Miller.

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