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So before we get to pictures from the last day at Pinburgh 2017, here's what turned up on my humor blog this past week. You can put it on your reading page, and get articles as they're posted. Or you can add it to your RSS feed, and read articles at your leisure and in your preferred format.


Sunday morning: bunny_hugger admires the view our last morning in the suite.


This is the kind of view we had from the hotel, which occupied the top couple floors in a skyscraper.


Peering down: our hotel casts shade on an old Pittsburgh church.


Main lobby. The topmost floors are the hotel and half the elevator banks are restricted to those floors.


One of the local birds who caught our eye as being particularly interesting and personable.


See what I mean? That's a pigeon interested in the world around him or her.


One of those shops we kept passing, and hoped we'd finally have time to visit on Sunday. They were closed.


This front door photo proves it was taken in 2017.


Back to ReplayFX! Here's somebody doing what I guess is Star Wars cosplay? I don't know. At the risk of sounding sour I've reached the point I don't feel like I need to know Star Wars stuff anymore.

Trivia: In 1913 Lieutenant Commander Milton Rosenau of the Chelsea Naval Hospital won the American Medicine Gold Medal for proving that stable flies transmitted poliomyelitis. In 1915 Simon Flexner would prove this was wrong. The men stayed friends. Source: The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History, John M Barry.

Currently Reading: Why Fairy Tales Stick: The Evolution and Relevance of a Genre, Jack Zipes.

PS: Reading the Comics, November 7, 2018: Shorthand and Reruns Edition, featuring one of my favorite cartoonists doing some silliness.

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