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We hosted Thanksgiving this year. Last year we'd gone to bunny_hugger's parents', respecting her mother's bad back. This year her mother felt well enough to endure the hourlong drive up, and back again. But we almost had dinner there again. Her father no longer feels confident driving the expressway after dark. I saved the day by pointing out we could just have dinner earlier in the day.

This did mean we had to have the house cleaned for them. Not just cleaned, either, but cleaned good-enough-for-the-holidays. And we'd have four fewer hours to do that work in. We made some efforts that helped, little things like sweeping the weekend before so there'd be less sweeping needed the day before. It didn't help. We still have a pet rabbit, so the place was still covered a quarter-inch deep in rabbit fur. The principle was good, though.

Her parents arrived just a bit before the 11 am we expected them for. I caught them sitting in the driveway when I was taking some trash out. I assume they had just arrived and were not sitting around nervously waiting for the earliest moment they could knock on our door.

That everything started to early added a weird cast to events. First was that we didn't spend the hours before their arrival Thanksgiving Day running around cleaning; we barely had time to wake up. Second was that common sidelines, like watching the DVR recordings of parades, were thrown off. The Macy's parade was only partway through when they got in, and then somehow we watched all of the National Dog Show, rooting for the basset hound out of respect for bunny_hugger's parents' neurotic dog. Who was not brought up to us for Thanksgiving, lest our pet rabbit beat him up.

We set a fire going, and ran it most of the day. That was great for atmosphere and warmth and all. It was not great for our rabbit. She turns out to be afraid of fires. We thought it was just unfamiliarity; we'd had another fire a few days earlier and after a few hours of hiding from the thing she came out to eat hay and play with her toys. No such luck this time. She retreated to the upper level of her hutch, and stayed away from the fire --- and worse, bunny_hugger's parents --- all day. Often sitting with her tail to the fire. She's also afraid of the vacuum cleaner, but we have so little rug that the matter barely comes up. We do hope this is something she can get better used to.

We got all the food together and ready to eat at 2:30, a bit behind the original plan of 2 pm. Not badly, though. After a few years' absence we had green bean casserole again. And we only had the one pie, pumpkin pie. Her father didn't want to have pecan, and I hope that is just a shift in tastes rather than fearing he'd be too much trouble if he got one.

And for all that, Thanksgiving came together smoothly, with the most confusing moment being trying to figure where one of the serving spoons had disappeared to. (It was in the breakfast nook, for no reason we can imagine.)

And yet for all that, her parents left by a little after 4 pm. They got home safely, and without a tire fiasco like bunny_hugger and I had going home last year. The earliness of it did mean we didn't get to watch the Detroit Thanksgiving parade, not until the weekend. We still haven't watched the recording of the Silver Bells parade to see whether and how long we got on-camera. Maybe soon.

When we were figuring out this good plan for Thanksgiving I thought of what we might do, in case we were bored after dinner and all. Maybe go to the hipster bar where pinball league meets and hang out. It turns out they were closed Thanksgiving, and cool of them for that. Maybe go to a movie. In the event, we didn't feel like we needed to do anything. Just stay at home, by the fire --- bunny_hugger even took a healing nap by its noise --- and digest. So that turned out well.

Afterward I realized I had failed to give bunny_hugger's mother a small box of candy corn I'd picked up after she mentioned not having been able to enjoy any when she was having some tooth problems a month ago. I'm hoping to remember the next time we see them, which should be when we get Christmas trees.

Trivia: The mural of bathers at Old Orchard Beach put in the WPA-era post office of Kennebunkport, Maine, was protested by locals on the grounds that the women in the mural were too fat. Source: Neither Snow Nor Rain: A History of the United States Postal Service, Devin Leonard.

Currently Reading: Spies and Shuttles: NASA's Secret Relationship with the DoD and CIA, James E David.

PS: My 2018 Mathematics A To Z: Sorites Paradox, an essay that was terribly hard to write because bunny_hugger requested it!


Return leg of the Log Jammer log flume, which we (MWS excepted) rode that day in 2017. And luckily too; Kennywood took the ride out, taking everyone by surprise, at the end of the summer 2017 season.


The big final drop of the Log Jammer, next to the lift hill and some of the smaller hills of the Racer roller coaster/s.


Just before Log Jammer's station was this trough for all the water in the world to spill out.

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