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Now a colored sky never makes anybody cry

Yeah, I didn't find the time to start composing my narrative today, so here's some more of our Conneaut Lake Park trip. See if you can spot the part where we went back to our hotel room to rest a while and then returned to the park!


Lift hill for the Devil's Den. The 'Stick it to the devil' bit is encouraging people to stick their chewing gum on the wall, there. You might see spots that are bits of wadded-up gum there. Yes, they have gumballs available at the ticket booth in case you didn't bring chewing gum to Conneaut Lake Park.


Entrance area for the Devil's Den. The curious gap in the sign 'Featuring the       Infamous GUM WALL!!' is there because the word ``Dr.'s'' is blanked out. Devil's Den was known as Dr Moriarty's Wild Ride from 1993 to 2001.


Just south of the Devil's Den is this Witch's Stew, a fun but incredibly dizzying ride: each of these tubs spins around a center axle, while the pair of tubs spins around on the red axle here, and that spins around on the blue axle underneath.


Looking back at the Devil's Den. There's a figure trapped in a cage up there, as you might expect from this kind of ride.


The Devil's Den is just opposite the more decorated Kiddieland entrance. The head up top seems to have a mechanism inside suggesting it could look back and forth, but also that it's been a long time since that mechanism could work.


Another look at the Witch's Stew ride, with its Hansel and Gretel themes for the cars. There are seat belts inside the cars, although I'm not sure they help.


Conneaut Lake Park's sign by night, with a welcome message that doesn't sound at all defensive given the park's history.


Paratrooper ride at Conneaut Lake Park, not just lit up but lit so brightly you can see it lit up through the Blue Streak sign.


The western end of the main midway as seen at night.


Blue Streak's station, with a couple people waiting for the next ride.


Ready for a night ride on Blue Streak. The survivor of its original, Edward Vettel-designed trains, is on the side track there; it doesn't seem to have been used since 2006.


Tumble Bug ride as seen in the glorious night.

Trivia: A magnitude 5.4 earthquake struck southern California about forty minutes before the truck convoy carrying Mars Exporation Rover-2 (Spirit) left the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for Cape Canaveral in February 2003. Source: Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet, Steve Squyres.

Currently Reading: Walt Kelly's Pogo: The Complete Dell Comics, Volume One. Walt Kelly; Editor Daniel Herman (I think).

PS: Reading the Comics, January 16, 2019: Young People's Mathematics Edition as I catch up on last week.

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