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It Was Acceptable In The 80s

And what's been happening with my humor blog? If you didn't see it on your Reading Page, or on your RSS feed, you have your fresh chance here. I'd published:

Back to my photographs. Here's Michigan's Adventure, Closing Day, 2017.


The bunnies of Michigan's Adventure ponder and cast judgement on us all.


Looks like some bunny is feeling a little peckish.


Mmm. Great bunny! Delicious!


So next year when they want me to upload a photo to attach to my season pass Im' sending this in instead.


Oh yeah! Michigan's Adventure has rides, not just a petting zoo. I think we've been in its Ferris wheel once and this was not the time.


Not a petting zoo animal! The park has some lakes, naturally, and here a freelance duck enjoys the setting.


Duck paddling across the still waters of the Michigan's Adventure central lagoon.


Duck pecking the sun to little bitty pieces.


And there's a little bit more sun! Attack! Attack!


The sun having been vanquished, the duck goes on to scatter magic behind it.


The ponds and central lagoon are not very deep, but they can be very still waters. How many fish can you spot in this photograph?


And then back to the rides. I might photograph the Flying Trapeze swing ride every time we visit the park, but that's all right. Why not photograph it every time?

Trivia: The 1969 Ohio State Fair had a butter sculpture of Neil Armstrong. Source: First Man: The Life Of Neil A Armstrong, James R Hansen.

Currently Reading: Eclipse: The Celestial Phenomenon That Changed the Course of History, Duncan Steel.

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