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Well, so, maybe we're just not going to get on with the neighbors after all. We still haven't met. But at least right after I left that note on the car windshield things seemed improved. The car eventually got moved away from being right in front of our house on the illegal side of the street and, somehow, parked facing the wrong way (that is, it was parked opposite the flow of traffic). And we didn't see it back again, or anything else parked on the wrong side of the street.

At least around our house. At the end of the block there's a cluster of cars parked on the wrong side. These are just outside the medical marijuana dispensary that otherwise looks respectable. And that's getting to annoy me since it's right at the intersection where, you know, we need to be able to drive. Also it's right next to the stop sign with the No Parking sign on it. Someone down the middle of the block could be forgiven not knowing there's a no-parking sign there. Someone parking at the no-parking sign hasn't got an excuse. (Except that just right now they do have an excuse, as the stop sign and no-parking sign were taken out to allow for some work to be done on the fire hydrant there.)

But that's the end of the street. Back to our middle of the street. The wrong-side parking came back. Wednesday bunny_hugger got home and all her irritation at work and relief at being home dissolved against the stress of multiple cars, lining several properties, being on the wrong side of the street. Including, yes, in front of the neighbors' house. And it wasn't coincidence; she saw people coming out of that house and going into the wayward cars. One of them was the car that had been left outside our house for several days.

So we have to conclude my note-leaving didn't work. And this just after another small, weird insult: Monday they had put their trash bin out, but on the yard in front of our house. Why there and not in front of their own house? We don't know. bunny_hugger moved it across their driveway to the lawn in front of their property, and immediately regretted her action. I wanted to suppose that the trash bin thing signified nothing, that the person rolling the bin out just took it to the end of the driveway and didn't care what side it was on. But that and the cars thing doesn't give us reason to think this should be effortless.

And then Thursday night it turned to ... well, let's not say open war. But something that just can't be ignored. About 3 am (so, early Friday) bunny_hugger woke up, anxious about what this would imply. The house smelled of pot smoke. Our house. We can only imagine what the neighbors' house was like. I can't even figure how this is possible since, you know, our windows were closed. We would think the neighbors' windows closed too, since it was like 18 degrees Fahrenheit out there. But maybe they had a bedroom window open? We couldn't be quite sure because the relevant window had a screen over it and we weren't sure just what we were looking at. In the morning bunny_hugger wrote a note, one we're hoping didn't sound too professorial, explaining that if you are going to smoke enough that it carries from one house to the other could you please open a different window than the one that faces our house? And I left it in their door and we haven't, as of my writing this, gotten a response. Still. I mean, if they were making noise that would be bad, but at least there's things we can do, like wear earplugs and complain to the cops about excessive noise. Is there even any recourse for ``we shouldn't be woken up by you setting enough marijuana on fire to smell it through two closed windows and the 18-foot gap between houses''?

So, as the kids say, thanks, I hate it.

Trivia: A 455-line, all-electronic television was exhibited in the pavilion of French Radio at the 1937 World's Fair in Paris. Source: Please Stand By: A Prehistory of Television, Michael Ritchie.

Currently Reading: The Originals: The New York Celtics Invent Modern Basketball, Murry Nelson.

PS: Here's some more of the lovely post-rain Friday Night of Halloweekends 2017.


bunny_hugger taking a photograph of the Kiddie Kingdom carousel.


Lost Persons and Message Center station, in the Kiddie Kingdom. It looks for all the world like it used to be a train ride's depot, but we don't actually know that. Cedar Point doesn't have a public address system that could be used to call out for lost people so this has to do.


bunny_hugger ducking down to get a better angle on the Kiddie Kingdom carousel. Yes, it was a bit chilly.

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