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It's a good time to check on my humor blog. It had another of those weeks where surprisingly much of it was not me trying to tell jokes, somehow. Those are always popular.

Gosh. Well. The next thing on my photograph roll is a couple of pictures of Columbo, the Flemish Giant we got in 2017 and lost in 2017. There's not many, and they're not very good, but it looks like these are somehow the last pictures I took of him. They're from about a month before he died of what was probably an undiagnosed E cuniculi-type parasite. It's fewer pictures than I'm used to posting here on Friday mornings, but maybe that can stand for a rabbit's life cut short.


An overhead view of the patient, tolerant giant. bunny_hugger would call him Big Grey, reflecting his fur of course, and how his personality seemed grey. Not unpleasant, mind you, and not even boring really. He was quite the surprising little investigator doing patrols of the first floor, when he was better able to get around. But grey in that he didn't clash with things, that he just fit in anywhere, was simply there. Also you'll notice how huge his ears were.


Columbo pushing his head against the oversized litter bin. We had gotten him a big litter bin because we couldn't figure out his bad litter habits. Not the pellets, which are all over the place; rabbits will often leave them everywhere. But they're solid and small and odorless and sweep up easily. It's urine and cecotropes that are the problem and we thought he needed help litter-training again. Despite his weakening condition --- you can maybe make out how weird his leg stance is --- he could hop into and out of the big litter bin, and the high walls seemed to promise a litter bin he couldn't accidentally pee over the side of. By this time, too, I'd taken to ``expressing'' his bladder, holding him in the litter bin and pressing between his legs so as to squeeze urine out. He was about twelve pounds and one time, at the vet's, the veterinarian was able to squeeze a full pound of urine out of his bladder.


Columbo pressing his head underneath the lip of the big litter bin. Rabbits often like being pressed up against something, and having some kind of weight on their head helps. This is why you'll see those funny pictures of bunnies ``not respecting personal space'', with one sitting on another's head. It's a good view of his ears, though, and you also get a look at his eyes. I don't think that he was a sad rabbit, but the cast of his eyes did make him look downbeat, which made it hard to want to do anything but get closer and to hold him, which he liked. He was a sweet one and if we had insisted earlier --- as bunny_hugger knew --- that he must have some infection, maybe we could have had him treated and maybe we would have him still.

Trivia: Prize fighters were hired at Westminster Hall for the coronation of King George IV in 1821, to keep the peace between the distinguished guests. Source: The Invention of Tradition, Editors Eric Hobsbawm, Terence Ranger.

Currently Reading: Sally Ride: America's First Woman In Space, Lynn Sherr.

PS: Reading the Comics, March 26, 2019: March 26, 2019 Edition, in which I tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the guy who created Venn Diagrams, and then go on four more paragraphs.

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