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Smile, darn ya, smile

In a moment stunningly in character, we ended up with a quiet day today. This was again largely my fault, since I had to do more work, some of it for the book, and some of it meeting with students. It turns out one of my classes, a requirement for my department's majors, is in the middle of the laboratory time for a requirement for one track of my department's majors. I wasn't aware of this conflict, but now that schedules have been posted it takes unanimous consent of the students in my class, and a note to be written to about four hundred people simultaneously. I'm open to it, but the paperwork intimidates me.

One of the students approached me was stunned I didn't mind teaching most anytime; I don't see where it makes much difference as long as I avoid an 8 am posting. He also seemed interested in doing an undergraduate research project, which is also something I'm open to -- I'd like to make myself as indispensable as possible to as many people as possible right now -- though I know absolutely nothing nontrivial about his interest.

As predicted spaceroo has some pictures of yesterday's big day, including a segment of the video of our reverse bungee event. (The whole thing's too large a file to post.) One of those laughs is, I'm afraid, just how I laugh. There are more pictures to come from both of us. Anyway today after my work and bits of food shopping and such we enjoyed Who Framed Roger Rabbit and, thirsty to see some Star Trek: The Next Generation in the worst way, watched a couple first-season episodes, since we'd already watched Nemesis.

Trivia: The ancient Egyptians referred to the fifth power of a quantity, x5, as ``the first undescribed'', as it was the first higher power neither a square nor a cube. Source: A History of Mathematical Notations, Florian Cajori.

Currently Reading: Longitude, Dava Sobel.


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