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While AnthrOhio is sadly over I've still got pictures of the Frida Kahlo museum and I'll share those until I have time to start writing up my new experience. Thanks for watching.


Dining room knickknacks. I don't know how many of these were carved by Kahlo or her husband, and what of them were just pieces that they got from somewhere. I like the bright yellow wood for the shelving, though.


The glass-block windows of the dining room's sunlight. The blocks are marked with some cryptic serial numbers and I couldn't say whether these would have been all but invisible when the blocks were installed, that is, if the accumulation of city dust has made them impossible not to read.


More of the animal knickknacks, including at least one bunny. I can't be sure whether these serve any non-decorative purpose.


Guest bedroom that's located off the dining room. Also, this is the room and, the signs say, bed that Leon Trotsky used for a while before getting his own place a few blocks away.


More of Leon Trotsky's bedroom, with the window looking out into the courtyard. I don't know how much of it looked like this when he actually used it.


Looking back from Trotsky's bedroom at the dining room. The door on the left opens into the central courtyard.


Stairs down into the conversation pit, just off the dining room and underneath the stairs leading up to the studio.


The kitchen, another room with just gorgeous colors to my eyes.


Fox(?)-headed pumpkin jug that's set out on the kitchen table.


Kahlo and Rivera had their first names inset in the wall, using enormously many tiny colored teacups.


Also made of many tiny teacups: doves holding a banner together, a show of just how happy they were being married, at least while they were happy being married.


Close-up shot of the tiny cups. This is the ``knot'' and bow of the ribbon, above the big kitchen window. Each cup was about the size of a small espresso teacup and was itself well-decorated. I don't know whether by Kahlo and her husband or whether they just took the cups that matched their general idea for the kitchen decor.

Trivia: The first Bose-Einstein Condensate, formed 1995, was at a temperature of 170 billionths of a degree above zero Kelvin. It was not observed directly, as the laser probing it destroyed the super-cooled substance. Source: Absolute Zero and the Conquest of Cold, Tom Shachtman.

Currently Reading: Holland on the Hudson: An Economic and Social History of Dutch New York, Oliver A Rink.

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