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Don't give my brother a Steve Austin outfit

Now into the late afternoon of our Six Flags Mexico trip, featuring such scenic and wonderful things as dinner.


A different entrance to the Polynesian area for Six Flags Mexico, decorated for Christmas.


And back to Le Grand Carrousell (that's their name for it, not me affecting something), in light that leaves it looking pretty good at that.


This was getting into the late afternoon sun and just look what good things it does for that gondola's appearance.


Scenery panels for Le Grand Carrousell. This is by the way in the French Village so that's why two of the attractions have French names.


Horses on Le Grand Carrousell really sparkling in the light and shadow of late afternoon.


And here not just did the light really work for me, but I found a good composition of the holiday decorations around the carousel. I really like how the candy cane loops above the horses.


``I was misinformed about the nature of Mexican Pizza.'' Our dinner break and, even now, I feel nervous about how much of that pizza hangs over the table edge.


The sun set as we ate dinner. It went fast compared to how the sun sets at Michigan latitudes, although it wasn't so speedy as Singapore's sunset.


More of the Cowboy Village decorations. Ruleta is a Trabant ride with roulette-wheel theming.


The early-evening sky and the trees lit by the ambient park lights makes for great effects like this. I often hit 'Auto Enhance' on my pictures before posting, but in this case, the ``raw'' picture looked better.


Le Grand Carrousell's plaza in the early evening, before we ventured in to the Ghostbusters laser-tag attraction.


Set decoration in the Ghostbusters laser tag building. Even that's got some Christmas decoration. We did not know just what was inside the Ghostbusters attraction but figured, we have time, we have the small upcharge, why not give it a try?

Trivia: Clarence Saunders's supermarket venture after Piggly Wiggly was named Keedoozle. Source: Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America, Michael Ruhlman.

Currently Reading: Masters of Empire: Great Lakes Indians and the Making of America, Michael A McDonnell.

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