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And now what I expect to be my last day showing a dump of Six Flags Mexico pictures instead of reporting on this month's big amusement park expedition. The parade is finally ready!


Start of the parade! Flag-twirlers and people holding illuminated clouds and such lead things off.


I'm not at all sure who this character represents, but she moved in on a cart with a base meant to look like a great flowing dress.


Illuminated wireframe dragon that really dazzled in person, too.


As close as the illuminated wireframe dragon got to me. I really like the composition of this; between the dragon frame and the lights ceiling there's a wonderful slightly otherworldly look to things.


A last look at the dragon, with the revelation that there was a ringed planet hanging out behind his mountains, so that's cool.


Women doing poses and walking ahead of a float representing a city block, with gargoyles and some kind of masked superhero-ish figure.


The figure flanked by the gargoyles seems like he ought to be something, but I didn't know what. Any thoughts?


And here we get a good look at the wireframe gargoyles and city blocks behind.


Snowflake dancers, marching in a spot that had gotten snow as recently as 51 years before.


Wile E Coyote, marching on his own in the parade. I apologize for the blurriness --- again, I hadn't discovered the low-light mode on my camera, and I was trying to track the motion of the marchers --- but I feel like the blur gives this picture a vitality that I enjoy.


Wile E Coyote takes a moment to wave at our side of the parade route before exploding.


And the Three Wise Men! They came in on a float made to look like a boat that I guess represents the bringing of Christianity and Christmas to Mexico?

Trivia: Macy's department store began carrying groceries, both staples and fancy goods, in 1893. Source: Service and Style: How the American Department Store Fashioned the Middle Class, Jan Whitaker.

Currently Reading: Masters of Empire: Great Lakes Indians and the Making of America, Michael A McDonnell.

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