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Butterflies are buzzing ’round my head

I'm declaring the current draft of the current chapter in my textbook done. It's not, really; there's a big section that consists of ``insert stuff here'' -- but that's a set of numerical experiments and a summary that I've written so many variations of in the past two years I could write it in my sleep -- and tidying up the details of a double-barreled dose of derivations near the end.

It'd be in slightly better shape, but of course my students, sensing that I was trying to get this done and nothing else today, came to see me in waves. Not continuously, though; most of them waited for the last minute or two of Suspense or The Mysterious Traveller, so I could miss the clockwork-irony conclusions of hopelessly implausible murder plots. (I mute the Internet Radio when students come in; you can't explain eigenfunctions when The Beatles' Revolution 9 is going on the background.) Well, I'll catch them later in the week.

While looking for paper towels at the Shop N Save, a cat miaoued at me. So I mewed back, and we had a nice little conversation until it started rubbing against my legs. Then I noticed the pet foods on the nearest shelves were what the cat was really looking at, and I realized kitty was trying to use me. With the pet food recall I'd feel unsure about feeding it anyway.

Trivia: The earliest known quiz show on television was 1940's Spelling Bee, aired on WRGB from Schenectady, New York. Source: Please Stand By: A Prehistory Of Television, Michael Ritchie.

Currently Reading: The Lunar Men: The Friends Who Made The Future, Jenny Uglow.


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