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And what about my mathematics blog? It had another good week, by which I mean, three fresh posts, as you saw in your RSS reader or are encountering just now:

And for the story comics? What's Going On In The Phantom (Sundays)? Who are these Avari people? April - July 2019 saw the start of a new story and I can bring you the setup for it at least.

Next up: I walk home from the mall to the hotel we were staying at in Mexico City! Forty-two pictures of that hike!


A bonus little spot of nature as witnessed walking back from that mall to the hotel: one of moxie_man's cousins, a black Mexican grey squirrel. Black-furred grey squirrels are common enough in Lansing and some other towns; I didn't realize there was such a colony in Mexico City too.


More of the mysteries of nature: a pair of blue jeans strewn across the lower tree cover.


And here just a view of one of the highways, plus the elevated highway above it. This looked so much like highway construction in Singapore as to make it almost feel like returning to a former home.

So I overestimated. Anyway that closes Saturday. Sunday was a free day for bunny_hugger as the conference had nothing scheduled but tourist attractions. This would have been our chance to see the really big pyramids, but we had other plans. We took the chance to go to the other big amusement park in Mexico City, La Feria Chapultepec Magico. So let's please enjoy that now.


Sign outside the entrance to the park. There's different level admissions, with the higher-cost tickets getting you the more thrilling rides such as the big roller coasters. The lower-end tickets get you mostly the kiddie rides so that, yeah, that's a very good thing to offer parents whose kids are not going to get on something scary like a roller coaster that goes UPSIDE-DOWN. Note the prices are in pesos, so that even the Platino level is like US$10.


Menagerie of figures outside the entrance to La Feria. I never got a handle on what was and wasn't a mascot but the grasshopper seems particularly important.


The other half of the mascot garden outside La Feria's entrance gates.


bunny_hugger ahead of me in the queue, readying to buy our tickets, in case her Spanish skills were up to the task of buying one of a selection of things. (They were.)


Quimera, the steel roller coaster right up front that dominates your view as you approach the entry gates. This ride used to be at Flamingo Land, in North Yorkshire, England, an amusement park of some note there, and a place where Findra worked in her youth.


A Musik Express at La Feria, although I have to say, ``Train of Love'' is a more exciting name for it.


Montaña Rusa! The roller coaster we most hoped to ride and wthought we would never get the chance to! Here's the top of the first lift hill, with the traditional wooden roller coaster top-of-the-lift-hill warning sign. It doesn't seem to warn you not to stand up, though, a break from custom.


Yup, that Montaña Rusa is a beautiful roller coaster. It must be easy to find its entrance, right? Just look for ... uh ...


Right, the entrance for Montaña Rusa has to be right around somewhere close to the lift hill. This looks likely, right? Also, neat mountain-covered castle image props for this pedestrian underpass which does not lead to the roller coaster's entrance. Nor exit.

Trivia: Before the adoption of standard railway time Pittsburgh train stations would have six different station clocks. Source: Marking Time: The Epic Quest to Invent the Perfect Calendar, Duncan Steel.

Currently Reading: Draft No. 4: On The Writing Process, John McPhee.

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