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We'll have us a ball

I had, like, four moment of inspiration this week! Here's how they turned into my humor blog:

And here's more pictures from La Feria from our January 2018 visit:


The train returning to the right side of the station, and some of the infield of the Montaña Rusa roller coaster. This would be the ride we got on.


And ... oh, what's this? It's a scale model of the roller coaster, tucked behind plexiglass, and behind some railing so people can't come over and mess it up, is what that is. Neat!


Poster hung up at Montaña Rusa advertising ... well, it must be some hit release from Mundial Records that I guess was all the rage in 2006. There's no way to know what this sign might be intended to convey.


A guide to safe riding on the roller coasters. Whatever you do, don't stretch out; instead hold your hands around an invisible cylinder.


And the return leg! We get back to the station, on the other side, and a ride operator strides against the directional arrow.


The overhang of the station; you can see the silhouette of the dragons above the entrance, as well as the pedestrian bridge that leads into the ride.


A quick look to the back of the platform and that quite fascinating gated-off model of the roller coaster.


More advertising for whatever that Mundial Records release was. Sounds like it was some recording with plenty of that vuelta sound, at least.


View from the exit path of the other loading queue and the train. In the background you can see the castle structure of the mirror maze.


The American Coaster Enthusiasts landmark plaque for Montaña Rusa, describing both the roller cosater's origins and its restoration.


And a 1987 plaque commemorating that decade's renovations of the roller coaster.


And, last, a look at the roller coaster's train, with the special logo commemorating the ride's half-century (which it observed in 2014).

Trivia: There were two Mobile Quarantine Facilities on the USS Hornet for recovery of the Apollo 11 crew. Source: Where No Man Has Gone Before: A History of NASA's Apollo Lunar Expeditions, William David Compton.

Currently Reading: The Astronaut Maker: How One Mysterious Engineer Ran Human Spaceflight For A Generation, Michael Cassutt.

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