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Feel the fizz of Coo-Coo Cola

So in picking what to do for the last day of spaceroo's visit I wasn't planning on food poisoning, but it worked out that way. That's a joke, but after we got nice meals at a ramen restaurant (tomao ramen for me, volcano ramen for him, which wasn't as volcanic as the name suggests) we both felt briefly sick. I blame an unsuspected spice we weren't used to, and it seems to have passed. But we had just mentioned how nice it was, and compared the difference between the ramen college students are condemned to buy and the meals people would choose to pay for, like these. My side of fried tofu was a bit of a mistake -- the cubes were too big, and inside a tasty fried shell was a mass of, well, tofu, which needed every bit of sauce I could dip to get pleasant.

We went out looking for some items needed for spaceroo's trip home, and for knicknacks, to give physical proof he was here. We're still looking for things from the Let's All Be Courteous Lion, a mascot of graciousness that decorates many mass transit spots, and just wants to be hugged. Very much. Right now.

This souvenir search made me buy a fridge magnet replica of char kway teow, a beef and rice dish reasonably popular here. See, what happened was the souvenir store had a rotating display stand of Singapore Refrigerator Magnets, many of them showing off the merlion, and I was rotating the stand to see if they had a Tiger Balm Garden magnet. I accidentally pulled the ceramic edge of a char kway teow magnet, sending it crashing to the ground, and breaking the magnet on back. I gathered the pieces and went inside with the honest intent to buy it. But then a sales clerk spotted me with the magnet, took it, and said she was going to get an intact one. I tried to explain I'd broken it and wanted to pay for it, but there's that whole problem describing abstract concepts like that. It's not just my naturally shy, conflict-avoiding nature here; spaceroo had the same problem with conversations of that sort of problem. So she brought out an intact one, which I paid for, and I just hope that'll do.

So, spaceroo goes home in a few hours. It was a great visit, and I'm sorry it wasn't longer and we didn't find more things to do, but we have had a lot to enjoy as it was, and maybe it's selfish to wish for more right now. Still, I'd like more.

Trivia: Joseph Henry, discoverer of electrical self-induction, was the first elected secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Source: Yankee Science in the Making, Dirk J Struik.

Currently Reading: Isaac Asimov Presents The Great SF Stories 12 (1950), Isaac Asimov, Martin H Greenberg, Editors.


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