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Despite a busy and eventful week I filled out the mathematics blog with, well comic strips. Mostly. Here goes:

And, ooh, but What's Going On In Judge Parker? Who's Judge Parker's jailhouse friend? May - August 2019, my big plot recap of a big plot-heavy comic strip .

That's right, you've seen twilight light. That means I am too coming near the end of the day at La Feria!


Since I had a good enough picture of Cascabel 2.0 by evening light, here's another one, with a crescent moon and a plane flying by.


Cascabel 2.0 caught in the middle of the loop.


Kiddie plane ride in a picture that's technically a bit fuzzy but that came out really great.


The Tren Del Amor, in motion. I love how this blurry image looks. And yet ...


There's another look at the Tren Del Amor, with more of the overhang visible. Also just a drop of the sky.


The bridge to Montaña Rusa in the night. Love that rim of light along the top of the roller coaster.


And here's one of the train tracks, leading to the lift hill, in glorious night.


Oh, wonderful! That little model of Montaña Rusa also lights up by night!


A last look at the loading platform and how it's illuminated.


So after our ride the operators allowed us to go past the gate and poke around that model. This is how I got this up-close view of the train model.


And this! A great, maybe five-foot-tall statue of ... I'm not sure. There was a short while that the roller coaster was renamed Serpiente de Fuego, and I wonder if this wasn't the Fire Snake the ride was meant to evoke.


The other side of the Fire Snake, with the return leg of the roller coaster in the background. Also there's something precious about its left hand that I can't articulate.

Trivia: In Paris in 1675 Wilhelm Leibniz put his work (including the invention of calculus) on hold [for the day, I take it] to go to the river Seine and watch an inventor who claimed he could walk on water. Source: The Clockwork Universe: Isaac Newton, the Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern World, Edward Dolnick.

Currently Reading: Whatever happend To The World Of Tomorrow?, Brian Fies.

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