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For nothing is more precious than the time we have and so

The most exciting thing of my writing year is starting on my mathematics blog! Are you ready to read?

And in the story comics? What's Going On In Prince Valiant? Did Valiant save Bukota's Queen yet? June - September 2019 plot recap. Not ... actually ... all that much has happened, but I can catch you up anyway.

Now let's wrap up the show.


And on to the performances at the talent show. This was, I think, showing off fashion.


A youth orchestra assembles backstage.


And now the musicians look ready to go!


Adult musicians geting ready to perform.


The musicians ready while the Tai Chi demonstration continues.


Apparently I found no subject more interesting than showing backstage and forestage together.


So, ah, this was at the Meridian Mall, just a little past the eastern border of east Lansing, Michigan. Why does this guy have a disposable plastic bag for the Cal Tech Bookstore on him?


Presenters going over their notes while (I think it was) a dance group performs.


Crafts table, set up in an empty storefront next to the audience area.


bunny_hugger taking some time at the crafts table to fold a paper crane.


Despite the performances, and the crafts table, there were still bored kids messing around in the more remote parts of the empty storefront.


Cleaning up the audience area after the end of the show.

Trivia: In 1917 Fred Allen performed in a travelling show headlined by ``Captain Sorcho and His Never-Equalled Monster Submarine Show''. Publicity photographs show Sorcho sighting a sextant, standing at an engine-room telegraph, or gripping the spokes of a ship's wheel. Source: Fred Allen: His Life and Work, Robert Taylor.

Currently Reading: Pogo Volume 5: Out Of This World At Home, Walt Kelly. Editors Mark Evanier, Eric Reynolds.

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