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I bless the rains down in Africa

I've figured out how to fill my mathematics blog with content! The secret is writing stuff, and also writing stuff about what I wrote in the past. For example, just this past week I've had:

And the story strips? Bit of a double-header here. What's Going On In Gasoline Alley? Also, what's wrong with Funky Winkerbean? Gasoline Alley has a little story featuring empathic powers, so that's cool. Funky Winkerbean is doing a story with a character's suicide so I wanted to warn you if that's not the kind of thing you're reading the funny pages for.

Now some more hanging around Motor City Fur[ry] Con 2018, the Friday of the convention.


More people hanging out in hospitality. The past few years it's become more common for folks to just take their heads off for needed stuff. I'm still getting used to it.


Just because Motor City Fur[ry] Con bills itself as a drinking con doesn't mean there are no rules to the thing.


Furry conventions aren't all prey species trying to have a nice time and then having predators come in and harass them! See here, Sylvester is giving nice big friendly licky hugs to Pakrat!


Motor City Fur[ry] Con program schedule for this, which turned out to be the final convention at the old hotel. We didn't know or suspect that at the time. There's no point staring at the schedule too closely but you can see how there was a good blend of things happening and buffer time between events.


Wall poster for one of those events held every year that we have never ever gotten to. But there do seem to be people with fairly cool cars that get to Motor City Fur[ry] Con. Given how often people compliment my car, which is just a 2009 Scion tC, I've wondered about bringing it to something, but I suspect they would just look at it and say, c'mon, it's just a 2009 Scion tC.


Archimedes making more friends. He didn't meet with every fursuiter, but every fursuiter who tried had a great interaction with him.


I do not see how a little toy tree on top of a fire extinguisher box needs further explanation.


Archimedes hanging out in hospitality, looking about and wondering who's gone and lost their head here. See also Latham, the guinea pig puppet, off to Archimedes's right.


The deep blue glow of some refrigeration-connected thing --- I think maybe the frozen-margarita machine? --- behind the frosted glass of hospitality.


Big old bird hanging out in hospitality.


Alder Eagle discovering Archimedes is here!


Birds and dragons aren't really that closely related, but they can find some things to agree on, like that dragons should be petted.

Trivia: The Great Irkutsk Fire of July 1879 destroyed about three-quarters of the town and left upwards of 20,000 of its 34,000 inhabitants homeless. Source: To The Great Ocean: The Taming of Siberia and the Buildings of the Trans-Siberian Railway, Harmon Tupper.

Currently Reading: 100 Years of American Newspaper Comics, Editor Maurice Horn.

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