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Yeaaah, let's twist again, like we did last year

So that's caught up to current again. Let me share a bunch of photographs of Elitch Gardens while we wait for intersting things to happen. The next expected interesting thing is Wednesday when bunny_hugger is to run a small local pinball tournament that was mostly an excuse to make people play The Beatles, cruelly stolen away from our local hipster bar and put over at the Royal Scot bowling alley. In the middle of this tournament's qualifying period, The Beatles got moved back to our local hipster bar. Life, you know?


Like most amusement parks, Elitch Gardens has a water park attached. We didn't go in, but we did get a look at the place.


Part of the main entrance Midway, a string of shops and such made to look like independent buildings.


The original Elitch Gardens built the Trocadero theater in 1917, as advertised here. It hosted summer stock theater through the 70s and the New Trocadero, which hosts performances yet, has celebrity photos from that era.


The end of the front Midway, past the Trocadero, looking at the floral clock and the Ferris Wheel.


And here's the Breakdance, which wasn't quite as fast as the one we rode at Blackpool. The tower in back is the one adjacent to the Carousel.


For a decade or so, Elitch Gardens was owned and operated by Six Flags, so this elevated swing-type ride was known as Batwing.


Now it's DragonWing. Or Dragon Wing. As we sat down we noticed on the seat ahead of us a warning about the maximum weight in a seat, that we figured we did exceed. The ride operator told us not to worry about it, which is not the thing a ride operator can say to make you not worry about a thing. And oh, hey, what's that on the control panel?


It's prompts! I don't know if the operator was new on this ride, or if this is a way to make sure nothing essential's overlooked. Pre-ride: ``Welcome to Dragon Wing! Please remains seated upright, facing forward with your back against the seat back. Thank you and enjoy your ride on Dragon Wing!'' Post-ride: ``Welcome back Rider! We hope you enjoyed your ride! Please remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop. once it has, exit to my right and enjoy the rest of your day here at Elitch Gardens.''


Exiting to the right: a mock graveyard, part of what seems like excessively much queue space for the Ghost Blasters interactive dark ride. But they must need that space, right?


More of the mock graveyard that's part of the dark ride queue.


And the end of the queue, the only space actually needed that day. It's part of a small indoor arcade that holds a few redemption games and just enough stairs to make wheelchair access annoying.


And the animatronic in front of the interactive dark ride, who explains at length the backstory behind ``point your gun at a thing and squeeze the trigger''.

Trivia: The Statistical Atlas of the United States, compiled by Francis A Walker was first published under the authority of the US Congress in 1874. No revisions or new editions of it were ever published. Source: Maps and Civilization: Cartography in Culture and Society, Norman J W Thrower.

Currently Reading: Negotiating A River: Canada, the US, and the Creation of the Saint Lawrence Seaway, Daniel Macfarlane.

PS: What I Wrote About In My 2019 Mathematics A To Z, recapping the 26 essays I've written up the past three months.

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