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The other recitation section began today; it, too, after being posted as being in the alternate classroom, ended up in the ordinary classroom. This time I started out in that room, though, and everybody joined me there. The alternate classroom and the computer room were free. This turned out to be the more fun recitation, since I got to explain stuff from lecture a different way.

In medical news, my cold's receded to the point all that's left is an irritating sense of being distracted, and knowing that the lead I'd built up in lecture notes and other class materials is already gone. Coincidentally, the Ministry of Health has started a weekly-updated web site monitoring active dengue fever cases; a record high of 414 were recorded last week. I'm rather sure I haven't got dengue, on many counts. I do, though, have a mysterious blister that's appeared on the tip of my right middle finger, well-placed to make typing irritating.

At the risk of sounding like a transportation infrastructure nerd, I was excited to see the Land Transit Authority celebrating yesterday a couple of tunneling breakthroughs at to-be Circle Line MRT stations. There's just something so amazing when a couple of tunnels actually come together and the monstrous boring machine actually pierces the dirt wall in front of the camera ... They think, at the moment, the delays from the Nicoll Highway Collapse have been overcome and that they'll open the stations on time, and I'm curious how long that optimistic assessment will last. I can't help it; there's this weird part of my brain that's excited by logistics.

Trivia: James Wallis, chief of police on Rodriguez Island, a minor Mauritian island, recorded hearing the explosion of Krakatoa, approximately 2,968 distant. Source: Krakatoa: The Day The World Exploded, Simon Winchester.

Currently Reading: Remaking the World: Adventures in Engineering, Henry Petroski.


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