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Singing songs together

And we haven't got to another movie or much else to just natter about. So let me give you a bunch of Lakeside Amusement Park pictures by night.


Peering around the corner of the Wild Chipmunk's ticket booth to look at rides and, in the distance, the Tower of Jewels.


Obscured view of the Wild Chipmunk starburst sign by night.


Ride operator tugging one of the Wild Chipmunk cars around from the braking to the loading area.


People getting onto the Wild Chipmunk --- which ran on a nice pretty continuous loop, speedily --- while one of the cars rolls overhead.


Looking at the Wild Chipmunk lights at the top of the ride, while a car rumbles past.


And now here's a look back at the Tower of Jewels, by night. Also that cafeteria with the fixtures salvaged from the Denver Union Station.


Looking up the stairwell to the Tower of Jewels, and the partially lit rim and base.


The not-now-in-use entrance gate and base of the Tower.


The 'REDIT' invitation remains pretty well-lit; I imagine this is something they'll swipe bulbs from other places to keep in shape. Also, 'Entertaining Colorado and Its Friends' is a fine ambition here.


A glance back at the park, showing the Merry-Go-Round by darkness, and the Roll-O-Plane in the background.


Peering up at the top of the Tower of Jewels and the park office building beside it.


Here's a better view showing the full height of the Tower, and way more of the gutters of the park office building.

Trivia: The 1984 fight between Pakistan and India armed forces in the Siachen Glacier, at an altitude of 22,000 feet, is thought to be the highest battle in history. Source: Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps that explain Everything About the World, Tim Marshall.

Currently Reading: Inside Las Vegas, Mario Puzo.

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