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A pair of hopalong boots

It's been a week on my humor blog ripped from the headlines. Or almost. At least it's ripped from real life. Here's the various goings-on:

Now back to Santa's Workshop. Here with some more focus on the reindeer carousel that, it turns out, missed the one thing I most wanted to have documented. This figures.


A look at the carousel in full, along with the canopy that's got a southwest motif.


One of the more-traditional horses that fill out the carousel, once the reindeer are out of the way.


And other horses on the carousel; the reindeer, you can see, are on the far side of things.


The chariot on the Santa's Reindeer carousel. I think it's a sea-horse curling back and forth over itself, but the color scheme makes it a bit hard to parse in a still photograph at this angle.


There's Rudolph, leading the way, with the quite bright nose.


Prancer and Vixen, seen right up close.


More of Santa's Reindeer. Behind the chariot you can see a lone reindeer, one that's not Rudolph.


More for my paperwork and bureaucracy interests: the inspection certificate for the carousel.


And the tenth reindeer. Obviously it's meant as a partner to Rudolph but set on its own. And I failed to get a picture with the reindeer's name; apparently I just trusted somehow that it would be visible on the non-romance side. Note the seat belt dangling over the antlers; buckling up people --- and putting the seat belts like this when the ride was done --- did much to make the ride slower and leave me un-willing to wait for another ride cycle and maybe a view of the other side.


All right, then. A look over at the Christmas Tree Ride.


Now I get at some interesting angles of the Christmas Tree Ride.


And here's a look at the cars for the Christmas Tree Ride.

Trivia: 84 percent of Japan's television sets were tuned to watch the 1964 Olympic opening ceremony. 85 percent watched the women's volleyball finals (Japan's team won the gold). Source: A Modern History of Japan, Andrew Gordon.

Currently Reading: Fontaine Fox's Toonerville Trolley, Editors Herb Galewitz, Don Winslow. Collection of panels of the well-regarded, yet now forgotten, comic strip about a rickety and very scratchy trolley line. This is a book, from 1972, that I kept looking at in this one used book store when I was in grad school, never quite feeling like I should spare my precious money to buy it now. So this year when I was back in New Jersey and saw it ... yeah, I can spare ten bucks now easily and scratch an ancient itch.

PS: Reading the Comics, February 14, 2020: Simple Edition, which has a bit I like about it because I thought about why we simplify algebraic expressions.

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