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I did nothing but comics on my mathematics blog last week. On the other hand, I did it pretty well. Don't believe me? Read on:

Boy, those edition titles really suggest something about my energy level for these things, doesn't it? Well. Meanwhile in the story comics: What's Going On In Dick Tracy? Who's Shaky and why's he want Dick Tracy dead? December 2019 – February 2020 in short review.

And now? Let's look from a high point of Santa's Workshop.


The Space Shuttle ride in full swing, as seen from the far side of the ride, opposite where you queue and all that.


Space Shuttle ride coming to its stop and showing off the weirdly complicated plastic covers used to suggest engine plumes.


The Space Shuttle ride is at the top of a small side trail; I'm not sure it's the highest point in the park (after all, there's wherever the zip line starts from) but it is still quite high up and that's worth taking a moment to pause and look around from.


Looking down at the mountains around Santa's Workshop.


A view down the valley and toward Cascade, Colorado, including a very slightly complicated tangle of highway, service road, and side road leading up to the park that threatened to get us lost on the way in.


Oh, now, what's this ride that we're seeing from the back? ... We'll come back to this.


Penguins flank the Snowflake Maze, which I believe is a mirror maze but that we never saw open.


Oh deer! Santa's Workshop has a couple of deer that you can feed.


Deer giving me a Cinerama widescreen side-eye.


Darker-furred deer views me with even greater suspicion.


The deer are going to grant me one last chance to give them some corn and then they're leaving.


Someone squatting down to give a deer a little chin-rub while they wait hopefully for deer food.

Trivia: Marcus Loew, the ``King of Small Time'' vaudeville, claimed to have the best chaser (final, lousy act to get the audience to turn over) in the business: a bad sculptor who made inaccurate busts of famous people, on stage. Source: No Applause - Just Throw Money: The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous, Trav S D (D Travis Stewart)

Currently Reading: The Art of Atari, Tim Lapetino. Coffee-table book with a LOT of great big splashy full-page pictures of the box art for Atari 2600 games, along with thumbnails showing what the actual gameplay was like, which is not a mistaken plan considering but does get pretty funny, considering.

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