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What more can I do?

It was a big week for my mathematics blog. One of those projects that's exhausting but rewarding came to its fruition, three weeks after I agreed to do the thing. Which, when you consider those three weeks were when Covid-19 rampaged through our lives, is kind of amazing. So how did this week turn out?

On my humor blog I'm trying out doing the story comics on Tuesdays. So instead of that, why not look at Dog Catcher Popeye, in which Popeye is not a Dog Catcher, some words about a 1960s Popeye cartoon because for some reason I'm reviewing that series of pretty well-forgotten cartoons.

Now back to Sunday evening at Pinburgh 2018. The convention was closed, and we were shooed out of everything interesting.


Leaving Pinburgh and facing the walk back to our hotel room. Which was not in any of these hotels, this year, although it's still looking great as you can see.


Historical marker that we passed about eighteen times getting to and from our hotel.


Couple of the local pigeons, showing off how nice a spectrum of colors you get in the city.


You can see how thoroughly we trashed our hotel roo over the time we were there.


My attempt to take a picture of the hotel art, this thing of crowds of indistinguishable people coming together. I'm not sure why this seemed important to photograph, now, but I'm respecting July 2018 Me's decision here.


And a look out the window at one of the churches, I believe, under renovation.


So what is it we did with our evening? What mysterious Pittsburgh-area structure could attract us?


Oh! Of course, Kennywood!


So we got lucky: CST hooked us up with a couple of group tickets that he somehow got a hold of, so between those and the lowered cost for evening-only Starlite admissions we didn't spend too much for a projected three-to-four hours in the park. Bonus fun: VITAC, named atop the group tickets, is the company that does a lot of closed captioning. JIM, one of those people I've known forever who has uncanny duplicates to my own interests (he was at Pinburgh 2016, my first Pinburgh too) used to work for VITAC. Kennywood will sell you real actual tickets, and different color tickets signify different things. Pink apparently is a group event deal.


Naps! This is great, we need more amusement parks offering naps!


Jackrabbit, their then-98-year-old roller coaster and still a very popular one.


Ride operator booth for Racer, their Möbius-strip wooden racing roller coaster. The Racer logo here evokes the 1950s design of the station, which was loved but renovated back to something 1920s design.

Trivia: James Lewis Kraft opened his wholesale cheese business in 1903; by 1913 it carried thirty different types of cheese. Source: Chocolate Wars: The 150-Year Rivalry between the World's Greatest Chocolate Makers, Deborah Cadbury.

Currently Reading: The Plastic-Man Archives Volume 7, Jack Cole. Editor ... not sure; I think maybe Dale Crain has best claim to that?

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