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Oh, it's unnecessary, just a small little town

It's Thursday, or Friday, depending on how you treat your time zones. It's time to look at what's been on my humor blog this past week. Here's whats' been on my humor blog this past week:

In today's photos from the end of our Keweenaw trip, in August 2018, we get the last pictures of that trail and then move on to two more letterbox locations, one of which you're going to see a lot of.


The pond at the end of the trail, and a great view of the slabs of rock which make it up.


Here a couple of trees decided to be all weird and conjoined and whatnot. Plants, you know?


Go home, Yellow Birch sign, you're drunk.


Our next letterboxing stop, in Marquette. The castle here used to be the private home of a brewery owner. Apparently he'd had a breezeway connecting his house to the brewery so that he could go check on the machinery without violating blue laws about entering a brewery on the Sabbath, soemthing like that.


The castle --- it's now a law firm(?) --- had plenty of statues around, including this lion bringing home a seahorse.


And there were nice old-fashioned-looking benches around back.


The castle as seen from behind, along with the lovely brick patio. The letterbox has been around for a long while so we supposed that anyone in the office didn't much worry about us tromping around. Nobody came out to ask what we were up to, anyway.


Holiday's the gas store/convenience chain that we saw all over the upper peninsula, and the northernmost lower peninsula. It's one of those spots that signals bunny_hugger that she's on vacation.


And now our next letterbox stop, Lakenenland, a great and partly drive-through attraction of homemade art.


bunny_hugger posing in front of the sign.


The scenic lake out front and sculpture that welcome visitors from the road.


One of the first sculptures in the drive-through portion of the sculpture garden, a balance.

Trivia: Hawai'i was one of the nations represented at the 1884 International [ Prime ] Meridian Conference in Washington, DC. Source: Marking Time: The Epic Quest to Invent the Perfect Calendar, Duncan Steel.

Currently Reading: Lincoln's Constitution, Daniel Farber.

PS: I am getting ready for the 2020 Mathematics A-to-Z so you see what my current ability to hype myself is like.

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