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There's no more left to buy or sell, there's no more oil left in the well

I filled up my car with gas today, the first time I've done that since April. So May 2020 stands as the first full month that I haven't filled a car with gasoline since .. well, since the last time I didn't have a car to drive, so, November 2006, must be. Certainly the first time my Scion tC's gone a whole calendar month without being refueled. (After I first moved out here, between our honeymoon and the slow pace of things in the summer, my car went over a month without being driven, but I did fill the tank in July and in August 2018 even if the car sat for maybe six weeks during that stretch.)

I kept on with my humor blog even as the last week happened. Here's what ran in it:


Heap of degus sleeping on one another in the pet store, Preuss. This isn't important, it's just cute.

Anyway on to late September 2018, finally, and our traditional trip to a special little place ...


Kokomo's, from the visit we took near my birthday that year. As often happens it was a spectacularly clear afternoon. We didn't have that neat rainbow-in-front-of-a-cloud effect this time, though.


The Serpent roller coaster, the nearest roller coaster to our house and a nice ride.


During the miniature golf round we played, I of course got this ridiculous lie.


The big waterfall feature of one of the holes, and the setting sun seen behind that. I think I take this photograph every year.


One feature of Kokomos' golf course is that it's got a lot of relocated holes, or defunct tunnels. Here's one; this plateau used to have that hole, up top, which would lead to a tunnel sending the ball to this side level, off past the wood wall you can see off to the right. It's a weird course.


Photograph of that big waterfall, taken with the waterfall mode on my camera that I couldn't get to work when I was up north seeing real waterfalls.


So it turns out if you can set the camera down on a surface and let it rest for a good half-minute, you can get a really good waterfall picture.

Trivia: Rutgers University's sports schedules added wrestling in 1927, boxing and fencing in 1928, water polo in 1929, and soccer in 1930. Source: Rutgers: A Bicentennial History, Richard P McCormick.

Currently Reading: The Book of Dragons, E Nesbit.

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