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Sleigh bells ring; are you listening

I have, at long last, begun My All 2020 Mathematics A to Z: Michael Atiyah is the first topic! And in a sequence for which I hoped to reduce my writing burdens I started out with something 1800 words long. Good grief. I'm sure next week's will be better.

How did we see in November 2018? With a new tradition, for one: the visit to Bronner's Christmas Wonderland for bunny_hugger's birthday. Her parents chose not to come with us, disappointing, but it did mean we felt free to just hang out all day and get a lunch at the snack bar instead of a real restaurant meal.


Angelic statues set up on some of the storefront windows. From the placement I guess these are hidden behind the long row of cash registers? I'm not positive; the geography of the place is still something I'm learning.


And here's .. not quite the entrance, but an important piece of the western facade. I'm certain if you want a serious nativity scene like this they can set you up.


Waiting room for Bronner's, set up with a TV for people who didn't want to go tromping around looking at all the Christmas stuff in the world. We were there on a Monday, as it was bunny_hugger's birthday, so that's why there wasn't a Lions game on and there weren't a bunch of husbands watching the Lions play.


A typical shelf of decorations at just the right angle to make the ornaments look like a rendering error.


I rather like this ornament's idea of Christmas coming in a spray can.


They've got some Father Christmas stuff, and some Santas representing traditions outside the Western-slash-Rankin/Bass canon.


Shiny Christmas raccoon invites you to let them use your stocking!


Mice! They have so many Christmas mice for you, too.


Yeah so if you need a guinea pig Christmas ornament they've got you covere. Also if you want to profess your love of your guinea pig, and put their name on the bulb.


They're not short on otters if you want them hanging from trees. No ``I love my otter [ name ]'' bulbs, though.


Arctic hare is totally not judging your choice of tree decoration!


So they have a string of marshmallow-themed ornaments, including this mershmallow and I don't understand it or much of anything anymore sorry.


This Eiffel Tower figure stands in the midst of their ornaments themed to countries of the world.

Trivia: (United States) federal legislation in 1838 required the inspection of steamboat boilers by independent agents, but it gave no inspection criteria for boilers to meet. Source: Remaking the World: Adventures in Engineering, Henry Petroski.

Currently Reading: Of All Things, Robert Benchley.

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